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Life could be very exhausting with a bustling routine and responsibilities. Naturally, one asks for a change, and escaping into nature is the best way to reinvigorate. Thinking about the United States, Idaho has proven to be the best destination to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. With a diverse landscape, Idaho possesses remarkable natural wonders. This mountainous region will stun you with its wilderness and waterfalls.


Idaho is a favorite destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. This US State is open for tourism all year round with an array of activities, even in extreme weather. It is also a perfect destination for winter vacations where families flock for snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and skiing. Once the weather starts to normalize, the snow melts, and the waterways become an exciting opportunity for white-water rafting, kayaking, and boating.


With lush rolling hills and waterfalls higher than Niagara Falls, Idaho intrigues its visitors to explore deeper. You will find spectacular mountains and amazing national parks that offer a plethora of outdoor activities, including rock climbing, hiking, trekking, and mountain biking. Moreover, you may also opt for paddle boarding in calm glacial lakes.


Idaho’s mountains and national parks possess various caves offering an amazing opportunity of spelunking. Outdoor and adventurous activities are always exciting, but they are equally tiring, and Idaho offers you its wonderful hot springs to dip and relax your muscles. No wonder Idaho is a treasure trove of natural wonders, with amazing cities as well.


Top Destinations


Idaho is mainly popular for its rugged landscape and outdoor activities. Unlike many states where exploring nature takes a separate effort, a traveler finds Idaho more convenient to explore because its major cities are brimming with popular natural wonders. Your travel journey to Idaho will not only bring the immense pleasure of beautiful sightseeing, but you will also discover your abilities and assess your capabilities.


  • Boise


Boise is the capital city of Idaho with a great mixture of cultural, historical, and natural tourist attractions. Boise is an underrated city for not having modern architecture and skylines, but if you explore it, you will be amazed by its offerings. Before you rush into its nature, learn about Idaho’s governing history by joining a guided tour of the Idaho State Capitol Building. You may learn even more exciting history at Idaho’s historic site of the Old Penitentiary of the 19th century, observing its cells and solitary confinements.


You should also visit Julia Davis Park not only for its serene bench spot at the brink of Boise River, but because it has some amazing cultural attractions like the Boise Art Museum, Idaho Historical Museum, and Idaho Black History Museum. If you are visiting Boise in the winter, your favorite tourist spot will become its Bogus Basin Ski Resort, and you can also ride into its cable car for a remarkable bird’s eye view.


  • Twin Falls


Twin Falls is all about a rugged landscape, different types of mountains, a variety of lakes, and incredible waterfalls offering every outdoor activity you could ask for. From dangerous rock climbing to calm paddle boarding, Twin Falls will treat you as you wish.


The dramatic tourist attraction that draws people from all over the world in Idaho is Shoshone Falls, which is said to be around 40 feet higher than the Niagara Falls. These waterfalls are at its best with speeds over 100 km/h between April and July.


Sawtooth National Forest is a must-visit peaceful environment, with scenic mountains and the Salmon River. The reflection of massive mountains and lush trees in the Salmon River is a sight to see.


Top Airports


It would be fair to say that Idaho is not a modern urban city at all, and it only has scenic beauties of its natural attractions to boast. Unfortunately, the majority of travelers are drawn to modern urban cities with shimmering skylines and luxuries, and therefore, they miss out on the luxury of Idaho’s natural wonders.


Hence, Idaho doesn’t see many tourists from all over the world, but it is visited by people of the US and South America. Idaho has many airports, including private airports, few regional airports, and only one international airport. The Boise Airport is an international and largest airport in Idaho, and it is a primary gateway for international passengers. Once you land in Boise, you may take ground transportation to travel for natural sightseeing or fly into Idaho Falls Regional Airport or Magic Valley Regional Airport.


Luxury Hotels


Idaho is not visited by millions of tourists annually, but it is very obvious that Idaho cares for its visitors. The State is continuously thriving to boast about its treasure trove of natural wonders and promote its tourism, and it is already set to accommodate a flood of travelers. If you are a nature lover, Idaho is a paradise for you, and it ensures you a lifetime travel experience. Moreover, Idaho’s luxury hotels are a surplus to an on-going pleasurable travel journey.


Its opulent hotels offer deluxe rooms with all facilities and amenities, and its comfy bed will unwind you and rejuvenate your energy. During your trip to Idaho, you will be continuously on the move, and you will have to stay in different hotels. So make the best possible plan for yourself, as we have listed down luxury hotels for your travel journey.




Top Waterfalls


Idaho surprises its visitors with jaw-dropping mountains of sandstone and rock-mountains, along with majestic waterfalls. You can’t get enough of its paradisiacal sight. Moreover, people are only aware of the most highlighted Shoshone Falls, but Idaho possesses various charismatic waterfalls, and it offers a lifetime experience of white-water rafting, paddle boarding, motor boating, kayaking and much more.


If you don’t feel like water sports, then benching adjacent to waterfalls and listening to the music of the falling water and chirping birds will be a heavenly experience. There are numerous waterfalls in Idaho, but you can satisfy your cravings with few oh-so-awesome waterfalls listed below.



Best Time to Travel


Idaho is open for tourism all year round, and there is no bad time to visit Idaho. Whether you want to ski, snowmobile or snowshoe in winters, or you wish to hike lush mountains and do white-water rafting, kayaking and boating in summers, Idaho will ensure you a lifetime travel experience.


The maximum temperature Idaho sees is around 31 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature drops beyond the freezing point. Winters become quite chilly in Northern Idaho as compared to its southern region, whereas summers are quite suitable to wander around the State. Therefore, the summer season is the peak season for tourism in Idaho, starting from June until September. The weather stays pleasantly warm and suitable for outdoor activities. You also get to see the blooming flowers and lush forests.