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If you ever wonder about spending your long vacation just in one city that doesn't go wasted, then Hong Kong is where you need to go. With a cultural blend of the eastern and western world, you will receive the best of everything in this city. There are more than enough reasons to visit this flashing city of dreams.


First and foremost, the humongous skyline of the city is an eye-catching attraction, which improves as the sun goes down. You have to cruise on the Victoria Harbor and mesmerize yourself with the unbelievable view of a flashing and bright skyline of the city. Moreover, you can have a fascinating bird' s-eye view from the 40th story of the Hong Kong Tower.


Hong Kong has an abundance of surprises and attractions for you. It is also a shopping paradise for tourists, and while you shop, you can grab a delicious bite-to-eat from thousands of food kiosks, or you can choose to unwind in one of the world's highest bars, OZONE, at The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong.


From bustling streets to tranquil Buddhist hubs, you can have it all in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. The city's landscape is as diverse as its culture and people. Two-thirds of Hong Kong is stuffed with lush forests, mountains, and mountainous national parks. You will only regret missing a wonderful hiking experience on the famous trails of Dragon's Back and Lion Rock Country Park.


You can stroll through the bustling streets and gaze upon brilliant street art, unwind into wonderful parks, and enjoy one of the best night lives of the world.


Top Attractions


Hong Kong has some amazing tourist attractions that provide an overwhelming travel experience. It is a crowded city, and you get to encounter locals, especially in their famous markets. It is also possible to completely explore the developed part of Hong Kong on a week's trip because the city is stuffed with plenty of attractions placed after every block or two. However, even if you don't have enough time, it's best not to miss the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong.


  • Star Ferry


An experienced traveler will tell you to start your journey in Hong Kong with a ride on the Star Ferry. You will be amazed at the view, with its dense towers and lush backdrop-mountains. After strolling in the bustling environment of Hong Kong, the ferry ride can also be a refreshing experience with wide-open spaces and fresh breezes.


  • Big Buddha


Big Buddha is a huge statue and one of the drawcards in Hong Kong. This 34 meter-high Buddha took 12 years to complete, and it is one of the largest Buddha statues in the world surrounded by a lush forest. The best way to reach this statue is by the Ngong Ping Cable on Lantau Island. This 25-minute ride will also provide you with a 360-degree view of the city.


  • Temple Street Night Market


Hong Kong is a hub for a wonderful shopping experience, and there is no better place than the Temple Street Night Market. The market has some striking bargains, including household goods, jewelry, gadgets, leather bags, trinkets, traditional crafts, electronics, and much more.


  • Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery


Ten Thousand Golden Buddhas Monastery on a hilltop alongside stairs is a fascinating sight in the peaceful countryside of Hong Kong. An interesting and exciting walk towards the monastery is equally enjoyable.


  • Hong Kong Disneyland


Whether you are with kids, a group of friends, or a partner, Disneyland is a place where adults and kids are equal. It is a complete fun-filled attraction for everyone, and it is divided into seven lands, including Toy Story Land, Fantasy Land, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch, and Main Street, USA.


Top Airports


Hong Kong International Airport is the only airport serving this city. It is the busiest cargo airport and one of the busiest passenger airport in the world. Almost every popular airline around the globe operates at this airport, and some of the most famous airlines have their own business and first-class lounges.


The airport is on the island of Chek Lap Kok, and it is specifically for airport operations. Opened in 1998, Hong Kong International Airport is connected to 220 destinations worldwide by over 120 airlines. It has handled over 71.5 million passengers in the previous year, and it has been awarded World's Best Airport several times.


This airport also offers relaxing facilities for body massages and facials. It also has a total of 230 shops, 60 restaurants, classic cafes, and coffee shops.


Luxury Hotels


No matter how much fun you're having, traveling is exhausting, and it's important to stay in a hotel with fabulous pampering amenities. With such a great flow of tourists, Hong Kong has upgraded its luxury hotels beyond your imagination. They are providing an exhilarating view from luxury hotel rooms with amenities, including traditional massages and spas.


Among the list of all deluxe accommodations in Hong Kong, the popular ones are The Harbourview, Kew Green Hotel Wanchai HK, and Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong. Deep and comfortable sleep with delicious healthy breakfast options will make you ready to spend another electrifying day in Hong Kong.


Unique Hotels


While you plan to book accommodations for your trip to Hong Kong, lookout for some intriguing, unique luxury hotels. The rooms are brilliantly designed with breathtaking views of the magical skyline. Some of the 4 and 5-star unique luxury hotels are Hotel Icon, W Hong Kong, and Mira Moon.


These hotels pamper you with their fantastic amenities of spas, massages, body treatments, and facials along with a sauna and heated pool. You can enjoy a delicious dinner in their fine dining restaurants.





Hong Kong has world-famous cuisine and a variety of delicious dishes. It has plentiful food kiosks in bustling markets, and tourists mostly grab a tasty bite-to-eat while shopping. Lan Kwai Fong is also a popular street with a variety of open-air, unique, and cheap Michelin Star restaurants serving the traditional and authentic delicacies of Hong Kong. While there are uncountable appetizing delectables in Hong Kong cuisine, you can't miss out on the following ten most popular and must-have meals.


Dim SumRice Noodle Rolls
Roast GooseRoast Pork
Har GowClay Pot Rice
WontonsFish Ball Noodles
Roast Suckling Pig          Sweet and Sour Pork


FAQs about hotels in Hong Kong

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Hong Kong hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Hong Kong?

The best rated hotels in Hong Kong are the Silka West Kowloon Hotel, also the Mini Hotel Central and the Noah´s Ark Resort.

what are the top budget hotels in Hong Kong?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Hong Kong are the Comfort Lodge, Hong Kong, also the Singapore Hostel and the Carlton Guest House - Carlton Group of Hostels.

what are the most luxury hotels in Hong Kong?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Hong Kong are the InterContinental Hong Kong, also the Conrad Hong Kong and the The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong.

what are the top airports to flight to in Hong Kong?

The most popular airport in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong, Hong Kong (HKG-Hong Kong Intl.), also the Bengaluru, India (BLR-Kempegowda Intl.) .

what cities are worth visiting in Hong Kong?

The most popular cities in Hong Kong are Chek Lap Kok, also the Hong Kong and the Kowloon.

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