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Monaco might be the second smallest country, but it offers one of the finest travel experiences. It is one of the most glamorous countries in the world, and its small size doesn’t stop it from being an exciting place.


Wander the country, and you will recognize some spots because many movies have been filmed in Monaco, like the first fight in Iron Man 2, which was filmed on the Grand Monaco Racing Track. Located on the French Riviera, Monaco is famous for its luxurious harbor and celebrity cruises.


You can stroll in the streets and gaze at the fantastic attractions, or you can hop on a helicopter for an incredible aerial view of this beautiful land. The most popular attraction that draws racing enthusiasts from all over the world is its famous Monaco Grand Prix. Taking a helicopter ride at the end of May will also provide you an aerial view of the on-going Formula 1 racing tournament.


The country also offers romantic views of the sunset. It has fantastic museums, a marvelous shopping center with renowned brands, incredible casinos to try your luck, and popular Michelin Star restaurants for an exotic dining experience.


Top Destinations


You will be amazed by a vast collection of tourist attractions in this small land. The first and most visited tourist destination is the luxurious district of Monte Carlo, having the glorious Monaco Harbor with super-yachts in its blue waters and where you can enjoy the breathtaking seaside view of the Mediterranean.


Monaco-Ville is the oldest neighborhood in Monaco, also known as Le Rocher. You can dawdle in its narrow streets and gaze on the charming historic architecture, including the Prince’s Palace. During your visit to Le Rocher, you will find the Oceanographic Museum, which is devoted to marine science. Spectacularly located at the brink of “The Rock,” this beautiful structure is 90 meters above the sea level that includes three fantastic aquariums, including Shark Lagoon, Mediterranean Aquarium, and Tropical Aquarium.


Don’t forget to visit the biggest attractions of Monte Carlo Casino and Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 that draws the wealthiest people from all over the world. Monaco is an expensive country, and if your budget starts hindering, you can still visit some fabulous tourist spots like the Japanese Garden, Exotic Garden, and Saint Nicholas Cathedral.


Top Airports


Monaco is a tiny country crammed with incredible attractions, but it does not have its own airport. The nearest international airport is located in Nice. To reach Monaco, you will have to land in Nice Cote d’Azur Airport and use ground transportation. A bus will take only 30 minutes to reach Monaco. Nice Cote d’Azur Airport is one of the top airports in France with fabulous buildings, fantastic facilities, and charming service.


This airport accommodates millions of tourists annually, including all passengers traveling to Monaco and a significant chunk of passengers traveling to France. Therefore, Nice Airport ensures a seamless experience.


Budget Hotels


Visiting Monaco comes with a hefty price tag; however, one avenue to save money is on lodging.


Fortunately, Monaco doesn’t go hard on its visitors, and you can find many budgeted, yet amazing, hotels to stay with all the necessary facilities. With such accommodations, you can visit your desired attraction even with a tight budget. We have listed below the best-budgeted hotels in Monaco for you.



Luxury Hotels


Monaco, being a land of luxury, has many exuberant hotels. An uncomfortable stay can spoil your whole travel journey, and Monaco takes pride in taking care of its well-off visitors with its incredible hotels providing deluxe accommodations. These beautiful hotels offer outdoor pools with a panoramic view of the shimmering sea. You can also unwind in their finest spas and saunas with fantastic amenities of massage, facial, and body treatments.


We have listed some of our favorite luxury hotels below.


Top Restaurants


From the exotic harbor to flashing casinos and the Salle Garnier Opera House, Monaco provides a luxurious experience day and night. Monaco is also a quick getaway destination for various celebrities. The immense glamour of Monaco is also found in its fine dining restaurants. This small country is also famous for having an exhilarating Michelin Star restaurants. You will receive an exuberant dining experience with a delicious platter of excellent food.


  • Le Louis XV - Alain Ducasse


Le Louis XV is a staple of Monaco with three Michelin Stars. This restaurant has seen some celebrities, and it has also been a favorite topic of the world’s finest food critics. Serving palate-satisfying Mediterranean food, this restaurant has never lost its Michelin Stars since it has obtained them.


  • Joel Robuchon Monte Carlo


Joel Robuchon is named after a French Chef who was named “Chef of the Century” in 1989. This restaurant has earned 2 Michelin Stars, and it has a Teppankyaki-style open kitchen that consistently engages chefs with guests. With exotic Mediterranean food and presentation finesse, Joel Robuchon is one of the favorite restaurants of Monaco’s travelers.


  • Le Vistamar


Le Vistamar has 1 Michelin Star, and this restaurant’s terrace will provide you the best breathtaking view of the glistening Mediterranean Sea and Monaco Port. Le Vistamar specializes in gastronomic seafood, and they serve you fresh ingredients and freshly caught local fish. They have a motto “one fish, one vegetable, once cooked,” and they translate their motto into a delicious platter.

FAQs about hotels in Monaco

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Monaco hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Monaco?

The best rated hotels in Monaco are the Columbus Monte-Carlo, also the Hotel Ambassador Monaco and the Hotel Novotel Monte Carlo.

what are the most luxury hotels in Monaco?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Monaco are the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, also the Hotel Metropole, Monte Carlo and the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo.

what are the top airports to flight to in Monaco?

The most popular airport in Monaco is the Nice, France (NCE-Cote d'Azur).

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