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In the race of tourism between the Caribbean Islands, Jamaica wins every time. It is the most favorable Caribbean tourist destination. Jamaica is mostly famous for legendary singer Bob Marley and the world’s fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt. It is also the birthplace of reggae music.


This island draws numerous tourists annually with its diverse tourist destinations. It has some spectacular beaches, rain forests, and lush topography. You will find all kinds of water sports on various beaches of this island. It offers a variety of recreational activities to its tourists, such as horseback riding, hiking, trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling, shopping, and dining.


Blue waters on golden beaches, lush green mountains, incredible rainforests, and coral reefs in sparkling turquoise sea are desirable sights that Jamaica offers to all tourists. One of the most fun activities is bamboo rafting. Jamaica is one of the cleanest countries in the world.


Having talked about natural tourist attractions, its capital city houses some of the fascinating museums, national parks, botanical gardens and zoo. Moreover, its Blue Mountains are famous for coffee-growing spots as well as fabulous waterfalls.


Whether you want to dive off the cliff, zip-line through the jungle, submerge into the local culture, or sample tropical fruits at its historic plantation, Jamaica provides the best travel experience you can ever have at Caribbean Island. To add a significant pleasure to your travel experience, a stay in the waterfront hotels of Jamaica and experiencing the spectacular spas are the opportunities worth availing.


Top Hotels


Jamaica possesses a variety of hotels altered to the need and affordability of all kinds of tourists. Some tourists are easy with loosening their pockets and some wish to save from accommodation and spend more on visiting attractions. Jamaica cares for its tourists and offers from luxury hotels to budget hotels and discounted motels.


Some 5-star and 4-star hotels of Jamaica that compliments the beauty of the island are The Spanish Court Hotel of Kingston, Dreamtime by the Sea of Montego Bay, and Moon Palace Jamaica of Ocho Rios. These luxury hotels feature quite comfortable, relaxing, and soothing amenities.


Here are few other good hotel options: In Kingston has New Kingston Guest Apt Surbiton, in Montego Bay has Skyclub Beach Suite and in Ocho Rios has Ocho Rios Taylormade Vacation Villas.


Top Airports


Among the total number of airports in Jamaica, these are three international airports known as Norman Manley International Airport, Sangster International Airport, and Ian Fleming International Airport. These are also the best airport serving the whole of Jamaica


If you wish to land directly into a metropolis of Jamaica, then Norman Manley International Airport is your destination. You will also have close access to Port Antonio by ground transportation.


Sangster International Airport is serving Montego Bay, which is a primary destination for most tourists. It also makes this airport the busiest Jamaican airport.


Ian Fleming International Airport is a new entry in Ocho Rios that has created convenience for travelers who want to visit Northern Jamaica.



Top Destinations


A perfect travel experience requires all travel destinations to be incredible and unique. For that matter, among all tourist destinations of Jamaica, the famous and preferred are Kingston, Port Antonio, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios. All of these cities are lying on the coast with unique and diverse tourist attractions and recreational activities. In addition to that, the culture of reggae music and dancing entertainment is a kind of activity you will find day and night.


  • Kingston


Since Kingston is a capital city and primary destination for all tourists, the majority of Jamaican travel journeys start from here. Moreover, it is imperative to explore this busy metropolis lying under the shadow of the mighty Blue Mountains. It has many cultural and historic tourist attractions.


One of the top tourist attractions is the Bob Marley Museum, located in Bob Marley’s very own house. Emancipation Park is a must-visit attraction of Kingston that hosts free concerts for the entire year. Some frequently visited attractions include the National Gallery of Jamaica, the National History Museum of Jamaica, and Devon House.


Don’t forget to pay your visit to Blue Mountains. You may hike, trek or visit one of world’s top coffee-growing spots.


  • Montego Bay


Montego Bay might be the second-largest city of Jamaica, but it is a top tourist destination for tourists. Montego Bay is simply a resort town with all recreational activities you could ask for. One of the famous and haunted attractions of Montego Bay is Rose Hall Great House, which is a restored plantation house with scenic views of the ocean.


While you enjoy your day time experiencing some refreshing recreational activities such as inner tubing and blue-hole tour, zip-lining across lush mountains, and Bamboo River rafting, enjoy your night by taking a cruise to Luminous Lagoon at Falmouth. This bioluminescent bay offers glistening blue water is the only nighttime natural wonder you could find in Jamaica.


Some famous tourist attractions at Montego Bay include Doctor’s Cave Beach, Montego Bay Marine Park, Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, and Harbour Street Craft Market.


  • Port Antonio


Port Antonio is a heavenly city of Jamaica with its lush landscape and scenic beaches. It offers some exciting activities with the best spots in Jamaica. Boston Bay Beach is the best place for surfing, and you can also try Jerk Chicken at Boston Jerk Center.


You may experience one of the best deep-sea diving or snorkel into the turquoise blue water of the Blue Lagoon. While you are in Port Antonio, don’t forget to soak yourself into deep rock pools of Somerset Falls.


  • Ocho Rios


Ocho Rios is a town of Jamaica with lush countryside and a variety of tropical adventures to offer. The famous recreational and fun activities at Ocho Rios are bobsled rides in the rainforest, river tubing, ziplining, caving, and dolphin encounters. One of the most famous waterfalls of Jamaica is Dunn’s River Falls over limestone tiers located in Ocho Rios.


Just across Dunn’s River Falls, Dolphin Cove is a marine park offering up-close meetup with dolphins and snorkel with stingrays. Another two fascinating but less crowded waterfalls are Blue Hole and Turtle River Falls. You can also bring some thrill to your awesome travel experience with Rainforest Adventures at Mystic Mountain.


FAQs about hotels in Jamaica

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Jamaica hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Jamaica?

The best rated hotels in Jamaica are the Fun Holiday Beach Resort, also the Knutsford Court Hotel and the Toby's Resort.

what are the top budget hotels in Jamaica?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Jamaica are the Forres Park, also the Doctors Cave Beach Hotel and the Sandcastles Jamaica Beach Resort Ocho Rios.

what are the most luxury hotels in Jamaica?

what are the top airports to flight to in Jamaica?

what cities are worth visiting in Jamaica?

The most popular cities in Jamaica are Kingston, also the Montego Bay and the Ocho Rios.

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