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The District of Columbia, also known as Washington D.C., is the capital of the United States. Home of the Nation's Federal Government, including the Capitol, White House, and Supreme Court; D.C. offers onlookers an inside look into the inner workings of the government.


Filled with magnificent monuments and architecture, it’s the perfect vacation for the whole family. While there, visit their renowned dining and luxury hotel opportunities.


Top Destinations


District of Columbia has a long list of eye-catching scenes and locations. D.C. was set aside as the Nation’s capital. In D.C., the White House is accessible to visitors as well as other tourist attraction centers. Below are the top destinations in the District of Columbia.


  • United States Capitol & Capitol Hill


This United States Capitol is recognized all around the world as a symbol of the United States; the capitol for the House of Representatives and the Senate. There are quite a number of amazing facts you can learn by taking a tour of these historic places.


  • National Air and Space Museum


The National Air and Space Museum is one of the most popular museums worldwide. There is a lot of flight history in this museum. It covers topics such as the air power in the world war, flight pioneers, space race and lots more.


  • National Gallery of Art


The National Gallery of Art collection is housed in two different buildings but connected by a tunnel. This location is one of the most recognized museums worldwide. It covers art masterpieces, European and American paintings, decorative art, and sculpture.


Popular MemorialsPopular Museums
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial                     Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Korean War Veterans MemorialHolocaust Memorial Museum
Vietnam Veterans MemorialInternational Spy Museum
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial 
National World War II Memorial 
Washington Monument 
Lincoln Memorial 

Top Airports


There are a number of airports in Washington DC; nevertheless, some deliver more than the others. Here are some top airports in District of Columbia.


Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport           DCA           Arlington
Dulles International AirportIADDulles

Top Hotels


The District of Columbia is a beautiful city with impressive views. Are you thinking of taking a quick or long term visit to D.C. and looking for the best hotel to spend the night? You just hit the right post. Over time, comments from people have shown that D.C. is quite a credible city to reckon with. There are various fun spots, parks and nature views present in this city. Why not make the decision to take a tour around the city and let us worry about your accommodation, all at affordable prices. Below are a compilation of the top hotels in the District of Columbia.


  • Holiday Inn Washington-Central/White House


Holiday Inn Washington-Central/White House is located right in the heart of Washington. The hotel offers lots of recreational services such as a fitness center, seasonal outdoor pool etc. Over time, reviews from past guests have shown the credibility of this hotel. The customer relationship, as well as the service delivery of working staff, is quite credible. In addition, the services offered in this hotel are nothing short of outstanding.  Perhaps you are planning an event; there are halls large enough to take in a considerable large amount of people.


  • Homewood Suites by Hilton Washington, DC Downtown


The Homewood Suites by Hilton Washington, DC Downtown is only about 15 minutes walk away from White house and W.E Washington convention center. You should take advantage of the fitness center open to guests 24 hours. They offer complimentary wireless Internet access and newsstands/gift shops. You also get the opportunity to mingle with other guests at the compliment reception without hassle that is held only on selected days. A complimentary breakfast is served on a daily basis at the hotel’s restaurant.


  • The Madison Washington, DC


The Madison Washington, DC 4.5 star hotel is located in the heart of Washington DC. The hotel has shopping sites, allows for wedding services, and offers a tv common area service. In addition, a 24 hour recreational centre is made available for guests in the hotel. The hotel is very comfortable, has beautiful scenery, gorgeous indoor décor and outstanding beddings as well. They also offer complimentary wireless internet service and concierge services as well. The hotel has an internal space that is large enough to hold meetings or conferences.


  • The Mayflower Hotel


Beyond reasonable doubt, what The Mayflower Hotel offers is nothing less than outstanding. Over time, the hotel had provided its guests with a top-notch hotel service without in any way compromising their dexterity. The hotel has beautiful structures, interior and overall, and is very comfortable to stay in. Its complimentary services include; wireless internet services and a concierge service. In addition, the hotel also offers babysitting or childcare service (for a charge).


  • Marriott Vacation Club Pulse at The Mayflower


A significant feature that makes the Marriott Vacation Club Pulse at The Mayflower, Washington DC stand out is based on the fact that it considers its guest before every other thing follows. The hotel ensures that its guests are very comfortable for the time being they would be in the facility. The hotel offers a top notch hotel service. Complimentary service includes wireless internet service and concierge services. 


Historic Hotels


Washington, DC is a dream vacation location for an average traveler/explorer. It houses a lot of history buffs and facts. And these are of important historical implications. Surprisingly, hotels have been in existence in times of old and to date. There are quite a number of historical hotels situated in D.C. and are still in full operation, although these hotels have gone through frequent innovations and renovation to march the 21st-century standard. Thus, it should be noted that by 'historic hotels,' we mean hotels that are of historical importance and not necessarily the building itself. Some historic hotels in D.C. include:


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