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China is the most populous and 4th largest country in the world. Undoubtedly China has progressed and advanced in almost everything niche you can think of, and when it comes to tourism, China is one of the cherry-pick countries of the world. The tourists around the globe specifically fall for the wonder of the world, The Great Wall of China.


The small towns of China are as exhilarating as its astonishing urban cities. There are countless attractions to visit, breathtaking vistas to see, unique and fun things to do, and amazing Chinese cuisine to savor. The natives are friendly, language is amazingly mind-boggling, and culture is rich, unique, and millennials old.


Earth trotters are intrigued by the fascinating country of China, but its scope of exploring the country is limitless. Think about wonders, landscape, forests, ancient heritage, wildlife, and customs or historic sites, skylines, galleries, parks, museums and theaters, China covers everything that can be found anywhere else on earth.


China is a unique country, but a fantastic travel journey starts with amazing cosmopolitan metropolises, and China has many of them. You can be sure to make some incredible memories by visiting these amazing modern urban cities.


Top Destinations


China has a long queue of urban cities, and they all are worth visiting. Every city possesses many tourist attractions unique enough to daze all tourists. It is impossible to explore the whole of China with its uncountable enchantments. However, you must experience the best possible in your limited time by traveling to a few of these urban cities.


  • Beijing


The first thing that every tourist wishes to do in Beijing is to visit The Great Wall of China. Beijing is also a scientific, cultural, economic, and educational hub for China. This city fascinates its tourists with its culturally and historically rich temples. The Temple of Heaven is one of the highlights of the city where you can learn about its history that goes back to 1420.


The most significant attraction of Beijing is the Forbidden City. Constructed in the 13th century during the Yuan Dynasty, this “Imperial Palace” has been home to 24 Ming and Qing Emperors.


You might want to unwind at a beautiful Summer Palace or make a detour to visit the Beijing Capital Museum, Tiananmen Square, National Museum of China, and Beijing Zoo.


  • Shanghai


Shanghai is the largest and extremely bustling city in China. At the same time, it offers plenty of sightseeing along with temples and museums. The magnificent high-rise of the Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl Tower will catch your focus the moment you step in this city. Promenade on The Bund and praise the beauty of ancient European buildings and Shanghai’s skyscrapers.


If visiting temples is not your cup of tea, Shanghai offers you a long list of other fabulous attractions. You will be amazed by the Shanghai Museum, the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, and the China Art Museum. If you are an adventure seeker, then there is no better than the incredible Shanghai Disneyland.


  • Chengdu


Chengdu is one of the prime and frequently visited tourist destinations. The city offers staggering places to visit and stuns with its unbelievable attractions like the Wuhou Shrine. Another great example is the humongous stone statue of Leshan Giant Buddha. This world’s largest sculpture of Buddha is so perfectly carved that it speaks for the brilliance of monks of ancient times.


One of the highlighted tourist attractions of this city is the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, where you will get an opportunity of a close encounter with pandas. The facility started with six pandas, and today it houses over 80 adorable pandas.


Top Attractions


The wonderland of China is brimming with enchanting and unique tourist attractions. The country’s huge territory and long history have left some exotic attractions every tourist wishes to visit. Since these attractions are in abundance all over China, we have a list of the most exciting attractions this country has to offer. Apart from The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, and Summer Palace, we have:


Zhangjiajie National Park          Hangzhou West Lake
Potala PalaceTerracotta Warriors Museums
Shilin Stone ForestMogao Caves

Top Airports


With many vibrant cities and the highest population, this economic-giant country has a large number of international airports. China is progressing at lightning speed, and it aims to improve more than anyone can imagine. Therefore, China has been focusing immensely on increasing tourism and drawing tourists to introduce their treasure of natural and human-made wonders and attractions. Similarly, China is innovating its airports every other day and making it the best airports in the world.


  • Beijing Capital International Airport


Beijing International Airport is the busiest airport in Asia, with over 1400 flights of more than 70 airlines arriving and departing every day. With its three huge terminals, ultimate customer services, malls, cafes, restaurants, and relaxing facilities, this airport is among the best international airports in the world. Its premium lounges are perfect for relaxing for long-haul flights.


  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport


Shanghai International Airport is the second busiest airport and second-largest airport in terms of international routes. It is one of the bustling airports in the world, and the passenger traffic at this airport is still increasing significantly. Uncompromised customer service and quality passenger facilities, along with beautiful cafes, restaurants, and comfortable lounges, ensure satisfaction.


Historic Hotels


China is a hot destination for tourism, and its options for accommodation are increasing rapidly. From upscale luxury, grand luxury to budget hotels, and discounted motels, China holds an abundance of options for accommodation. However, the history of China goes back to thousands of years, and the whole country is stuffed with historic sites resurrecting the ancient vibes. Thus, if you are on the journey to explore China, make the best of it by containing yourself in China’s incredible historic hotels. You can find them in urban areas as well as small towns.


Beijing’s historic hotels include Beijing Double Happiness Hotel, HAN’s Royal Garden Hotel, and Red Capital Residence.


Shanghai has equal offerings of historic hotels, including Moller Villa Hotel, Intercontinental Shanghai Ruijin, and The Mansion Hotel.



Best Time to Travel


Extreme weather always hinders your travel journey, and ideal trips are only planned in mild weather to enjoy the fullest of our capacity. Summers can be extremely hot with scorching sun, and the winters are icy cold, with snowfall in many regions. Therefore, Spring and Autumn are perfect seasons to travel to China.


The tourism-friendly weather of the Spring months are April to May and Autumn months are September to October. On the other hand, Beijing and Shanghai are open for tourism all year round since they are hardly affected by its extreme weather. However, these preferable months will help you reach the top tourist attractions throughout the country.

FAQs about hotels in China

Find answers to commonly asked questions about China hotels

what are the best rated hotels in China?

The best rated hotels in China are the ibis Dongguan Dongcheng, also the Baiyun City Hotel and the Grand 0773 Hotel.

what are the top budget hotels in China?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in China are the Bell Tower Youth Hostel, also the Baolong Homelike Hotel Baogang Youyi Branch Shanghai .

what are the most luxury hotels in China?

The most luxury hotels you will find in China are the Intercontinental Wuxi, also the Conrad Beijing and the The Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai.

what are the top airports to flight to in China?

what cities are worth visiting in China?

The most popular cities in China are Beijing.

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