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Cambodia is a remarkable country with ancient temples, waterfalls, national parks, and many more exciting tourist attractions to visit. Cambodia, located in the southeast part of Asia, owns most of the ancient temples that attract different tourists from Asian countries. The country's capital city Phnom Penh has excellent places to attract and host visitors. Large villas in Tuol Kouk accommodates travelers with great hospitality that mesmerize tourists to extend their stay in Cambodia.


Sovvana Shopping center in Cambodia also gives visitors a great shopping experience that is unique in its shopping experience. The central district in Phnom Penh, Daun Penh, also offers excellent shopping malls where you can grab your glitz and glamourous jewelry and clothes.


This place also has a historical attraction; Wat Phnom. The ecstatic tallest temple in Cambodia is an excellent feature to marvel at the sight visit it offers. Prampir Makara is known for its great hotels that welcome visitors with warm hands. Travelers can visit the Orussey Market and the Olympic Stadium while at Prampir Makara location.


Chamkar Mon, a district in the capital city, is rich with historical sites. There is Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Independence Monument, Royal Palace, and shopping spots like Central Market and Riverside.


Koh Ron Sanloem is one of the most exciting places to visit. There are quiet beaches like Lonely Beach and Long Set Beach with less traffic giving travelers a place to relax peacefully. Koh Touch Beach gives fun lovers a great experience of vibrant bars, beach parties, and amazing night clubs. 


As a visitor, waterfalls in Cambodia should have it on their to-visit list. Sen Moronom is the home of waterfalls, and famous Bou Sra waterfalls begin their stream here in Sen Moronom. Other notable waterfalls include Pulom, DakDam, and Romney. There are also protected sanctuaries in Sen Moronom like Seima Protection Forest and Mondulkiri Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary. You can stroll by these sanctuaries enjoying nature and seeing animals like elephants.

The country's marvelous waterfalls in Bou Sra capture the tourists and keep them longing for more. 



Top Destinations


Cambodia encompasses historic sites, well-manicured golf clubs, shopping malls, theatres, waterfalls, beaches, and other top-notch tourism attractions. Travelers can relax in clean beaches, watch magnificent waterfalls, and stroll in museums to know more about Cambodia traditions.


  • Phenom Penh 


The capital city of Cambodia has entertaining resort areas to host travelers. The city has various historical sites that give tourists the insights of Cambodia's rich history. Glimmering in gold is Royal Palace, built for Queens and Kings. Tourists are allowed to visit the Throne Hall and other surrounding places. Nearby there is a temple, Silva Pagoda, with Budha statues which can be accessed by tourists. In the center of the capital city, there is an Independence monument that marks Cambodia's freedom from French rule. National Museum of Cambodia tells the history of the country dating back to the 4th century. The museum hosts travelers with dance shows and architectural arts. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum lies in the heart of Phenom Penh, showcasing visitors the dark history of the Cambodian genocide. Visitors are encouraged to be peace-loving people.  The capital city is also home to the Royal University of Phnom Penh and Olympic Stadium. The Central Market gives visitors time to experience trading in Cambodia. You can buy electronic gadgets, home items, jewelry, clothes, and many other things from the vendors in the market. Sovvana Phum Theatre is the best place to interact with the country's culture and people. There is no dull moment in Cambodia's capital city. 


  • Seam Reap


The resort town is in north-western of Cambodia. It boasts forests dense environment and nature. The magnificent tall walls of Terrace of Elephants showcase the kingdom's lifestyle. The wall constructed by the Angkor's king Jayarvaman and used to view the returning victorious army. There is also another historical monument; Terrace of Leper King showcases the country's history. Cambodian Cultural Village showcases the country's traditions. Visitors can have a great shopping experience at Angkor Night Market, which bamboo huts as stalls. You can enjoy strolling and purchasing anything that you want at Psar Chaa Market in Siem Reap. 


  • Sihanoukville  


The city has gorgeous beaches offering travelers a place to relax and enjoy water games.  You can enjoy seafood under the beautiful beach umbrellas at Otres beach. The beach is suitable for those who love quiet places to relax. Serendipity beach is well known for its vibrant, fun beach parties. There are several beaches in the area which include, Occhheutel, Top Banana, Cambo, offering great bars and night clubs.  


Top Hotels


Resort areas have beautiful hotels, and a stone throw away to accommodate different travelers. These hotels offer general amenities such as WIFI connection, bar, swimming pool, spa, and more. There are expensive luxurious hotels and cheap hotels to accommodate low budget tourists. Some of the top hotels are:


Check Inn in Siem Reap is a highly rated hotel in the city center of Siem Reap. It is affordable with friendly staff that can help you settle in comfortably. Viva Hotel is also an excellent place to stay. It is closer to the airport, and it offers reasonable rates. There are bars nearby to enjoy the nightlife as well as gift shops nearby. Monica Angkor Hotel is another top-notch hotel in Siem Reap. It is closer to great restaurants and Angkor National Museum. The hotel can also host Siem Aiport passengers, as it is closer to the airport. Other famous hotels include Angkor Paradise Hotel, Borei Angkor Resort and Spa, Mudra Angkor Boutique Hotel, and many more.


Top Airports


  • Phnom Penh International Airport is in the capital city of Cambodia, well known. And busiest airport in the country. It hosts several international carriers such as British Airways and Emirates Airlines.


  • Siem Reap International Airport is the second largest airport in the country. It hosts millions of passengers because of the closer Angkor Wat, the most significant and oldest religious monument that attracts millions of travelers. There are nearby affordable hotels to host passengers. These include highly rated Angkor Howard Hotel, La Palmeraie D'angkor, and many more.


  • Sihanouk Airport is the third-largest airport in the country. It hosts passengers form different cities like "Koh-Ta-Kiev" Island, Bangkok, Xiamen, and many others. The airport is closer to seaside hotels such as Ottres Beach Resort, Oasis in Otres, offering reasonable rates.




Khmir cultural beliefs influence Cambodians beliefs. Khmir is a group of people who reside in Cambodia. Their language is also called Khmir. Spoken by 90% of the country's population, used by business communities, government, schools, and any other official institutions. Minorities use Vietnamese, Cham, several dialects of Chinese. Theravada Buddhism is the primary religion, followed by over 97% of the country's population.


Almost every Cambodian home has a Budha picture hanging on the wall. They also attend temples during the holidays. Cambodians love to throw parties to celebrate various events. They celebrate weddings and anniversaries where friends and relatives join to enjoy the day. A marriage honored for a wee by pitching tents along the road. During the celebration, they sing and chant to show off their happiness level. They also feast and drink. 


Cambodians love holidaying, and they have about 28 holidays making it the highest number of holidays in a country worldwide. They have religious celebrations like Pchum Ben. During this celebration, Cambodians visit temples and make food offerings to monks who pass them on to their ancestors according to their beliefs. They also celebrate their Kings and leaders through holidays. For instance, there is The King's Birthday, a holiday dedicated to celebrating King Norodom Sihamoni. 


In national museums, they showcase their culture through traditional arts. There is a Cambodian Ballet, which is performed by people in different places. Cambodians are not strict when it comes to dressing code by they value their decent clothing.


The Angkor Wat temple and women who wear revealing cloth denied access to the temple. Visitors must wear clothes that cover their knees and shoulders when they visit the temple. The ever-smiling Cambodian also make practice art and crafts where they weave, smither silver stone carving, kite making. 





Cambodian serve fresh, flavourful food. Rice is the most prominent staple daily food in many Asian countries, and so is the case in Cambodia. It's usually prepared in different styles. Cambodians serve rice with anything. Rice is grown in four different regions of Cambodia. They also love eating bread, tinned fish, and eggs. Seafood is also their fav, and they consume it more than any meats. Fish is plenty and abundant in Cambodia, making it easy to incorporate it into various dishes. Restaurants also serve these meals. However, there are international restaurants that cater to the needs of different travelers. Hamburgers, pizza, and fresh potato fries are the typical foods served in restaurants. 


French dishes also influence Cambodia dishes. Baguette is one of the many French dishes that Cambodians love. Thailand also affects Cambodian dishes. However, Cambodian meals have mild spices, unlike Thai, which prepares a meal with hot and chilly spices. Noodles are also a household meal in Cambodia. The mainly Chinese influence this dish. They also eat Chinese vegetables such as bitter melon, luffa, and water spinach. 


Cambodians consume their meals with at least four dishes, and the main course served with a soup or salmon. Spices take their additions into various meals. 

FAQs about hotels in Cambodia

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Cambodia hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Cambodia?

The best rated hotels in Cambodia are the Angkor Extra Hotel, also the Mudra Angkor Boutique Hotel and the Monica Angkor Hotel.

what are the top budget hotels in Cambodia?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Cambodia are the Check Inn Siem Reap, also the Viva Hotel .

what are the most luxury hotels in Cambodia?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Cambodia are the Borei Angkor Resort & Spa, also the Angkor Paradise Hotel and the Sokha Beach Resort.

what are the top airports to flight to in Cambodia?

what cities are worth visiting in Cambodia?

The most popular cities in Cambodia are Phnom Penh, also the Sihanoukville .

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