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Triangular Barbados is an eastern Caribbean Island in the North of America. Tourists can have a right tie in Barbados from December to early April with tropical temperatures. July is the coldest month; however, rates will be down and affordable.


The small island is rich in history, and it offers exotic destinations and dynamic entertainment. There are lively and lovely beaches such as the Careenage Marina, Carlisle Bay, Port St. Charles Marina, magnificent caves, and adorable nature that can entertain different travelers coming from different places. Those who enjoy sports can have enjoyable, adventurous games in water like surfing. History lovers can not miss the best museums and galleries of Barbados.


Hotels and restaurants boast the best hospitality. There is public transport, and you can hire or rent a car while holidaying. Bajans are friendly people who accommodate tourists. The small island is also famous for being a birthplace for international celebrities like Rihanna. She usually graces the Crop Over festival. The festival attracts a lot of international stars; people from everywhere can have unlimited fun. The festival can entertain children and adults with day and night parties.


Barbados has exciting cuisine, and the small country is also popularly known as the land of the flying fish due to the love of the fish dishes. Seafood and grapefruit are the well-known dishes that travelers can enjoy in beaches and restaurants. The country is also well known for producing rum. Distilleries offer edutainment distillery tours.


Holidaying in Barbados may start at the airport. Passengers can tour the hangar museum, Barbados Museum and Historical Society and Barbados Concorde Experience


Top Hotels


Barbados has exotic, luxurious hotels near resort areas. Travelers can reside in those hotels and enjoy visiting nearby resorts without a hustle. Hotels offer modernized amenities such as bars, gym, Wi-Fi internet connection, spas, and more.


Some of the highly-rated hotels include Sweetfield Manor, Savana Beach Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott Bridgetown Barbados, and many more. These hotels are in the capital city, Bridgetown, where there are a lot of resort areas and high traffic of tourists who may need accommodation. They are in Careenage Marina along the sea, famous landmarks, and attractions in Careenage Marina that can keep residents occupied and entertained.


Historic landmarks include Barbados Museum and Historical Society, and Barbados Parliament Building. Travelers can access beaches anytime that include Brownes Beach, Paradise, Pebbles, Brighton beach, and many others. There are well-manicured golf clubs with great bars and picnic areas nearby hotels.


Top Airports


Barbados has only one airport, Grantley Adams International Airport, located in Seawell, Christ Church. The award-winning airport was formerly known as Seawell Airport, named after Barbados Premier Grantly Adams. It hosts more than two million passengers yearly. The modernized top-notch airport has won three awards from World Travel Awards in the consecutive years between 2002 and 2004.


The airport hosts several airlines like American Airlines, British Airways, JetBlue, and many others. It is the only exit port to Europe, the United States, Canada, and other countries. The airport is a stone throw to Brownes beach and steps away from Carlisle Bay. Some of the nearby attractions are Careenage Marina and National Heroes Square

BGI - Bridgetown, Barbados (BGI-Grantley Adams Intl.)


Top Destinations


Bridgetown is the vibrant capital city of Barbados with historical sites, gorgeous beaches, caves, distilleries, and lovely botanical gardens. Pebbles beach gives travelers a calming effect with its clear waters and white sand. There is Bridgetown port where travelers can catch a boat for a cruise. The tropical weather can be so good for sun basking by the beaches like Carlisle Bay or Browne's beach. There are big amazing shopping malls like Lantern Mall to go shopping and window shopping. You can mingle with the locals at Cheapside Market to grab fresh tropical fruits and vegetables. Strolling the famous Baxter's road can be interesting to meet Bajan, taste street fish, and buy rum in pubs. History lovers can enjoy Barbados' culture and heritage in Barbados Museum and Historical Society, Barbados Concorde Experience, Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill, The Lion at Gun Hill, and George Washington House. These historical attractions in the capital city give travelers a taste of Bajan culture.


Andromeda Botanic Gardens is a lush garden with tropical trees, flowers, and ponds, and the gorgeous garden is in Bathsheba. Travelers can enjoy self-guided tours where they can take their time to explore the magical garden encompassed with natural beauty.  Strolling in the garden, you can see monkeys and beautiful birds enjoying playing in the natural garden. Lily ponds and waterfalls are amazing things to watch in the garden. Tourists can have their photographs that they can show off anytime. There are various wildlife reserves in Barbados that you can visit and unwind breathing fresh oxygen. These include Flower Forest in St Josephs, Chancery Lane Swamp, Farley Hill National Park, and many more.


Carlisle Bay is the snorkeling and scuba diving hub in the location. The south-western coast of Barbados. Travelers can enjoy sun-basking. Sports lovers can ride horses, ski, and dive. Travelers can enjoy interacting with turtles, fish, and rock lobsters.


Bathsheba Bay in St. Joseph and is known as the fishing village. Travelers can soak themselves in waters, play with sand, and refresh. Bathsheba beach has a walking area where you can enjoy walking in sand. Those who love sports can play ball games. The beach usually host the Careenage Marine  in the capital city, you can catch your favorite boat and sail. There is a boardwalk alongside Careenage, which offers an excellent site to stroll and watch boats.





Barbados, a country with luxurious historical elegance and culture.  The land primarily influenced by the population that came from different countries. Barbados people who are popularly known as Bajan use the English language. The country's traditions are a mixture of Western African and British cultures.  The country has Europeans, Africans, Indians, Mestizos, but over 90% of the population originated from Africa. Most Africans came to Barbados as slaves. The British Empire colonized Barbados for more than 300 decades. Therefore British customs shaped the country's traditions and norms. African slaves also adopted the customs of their masters.


The country hosts a lot of festivals. The popular one is the Crop Over festival, where the Bajans celebrate the end of the sugarcane harvest in summer. The festival attracts international celebrities, and the singer, Rihanna, usually grace it. The festival accommodates all age groups with various parties during the day and night. The festival closes on Kadooment day, where there will be a band, music parade and masquerades dancing. People revel in colorful costumes and enjoy great food. There are also various festivals such as Jazz Festival, Oistins Fish Festival, Barbados Food and Rum Culinary Festival, and more.


The main religion in Barbados is Christianity. Christianity has over 95% people of the population. There are Christian denominations such as Jehovah's Witness, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormonism, Moravian and Evangelism, and many more. Religions such as Muslim, Jewish, Wicca, Baha'i, and Buddhists do have their presence in Barbados minimally. The country has public holidays related to religion, such as Christmas Day.


Barbadians fashion style takes an influence form the British culture, often wear in modern costumes in fashion. Religion also plays a significant part in style and dressing code. Apostolic Spiritual Baptists are well known for their colorful dresses.  Barbadians wear colorful costumes during festival celebrations.




Barbados boasts of diverse and fresh cuisine, mainly influenced by the tropical and sea environment. Their dishes are a mixture of Britain, Africans, and Indians. "Cou Cou" and flying fish is the national Food in Barbados that you cannot miss as a traveler. "Cou Cou" is prepared using cornmeal and okra. The country is also known as the land of flying fish. Fish is one of the main dishes that are served daily in the country's restaurants. There are also cakes baked from fish meat and spices.  They get their fresh fish from the Caribbean Sea. Types of fish that they eat include tuna, mackerel, and others. Other seafood that they incorporate in their dishes is sea eggs, crabs, shrimp, and lobsters.  They also eat other meats such as beef and chicken. Their dishes usually take the servings with various fresh vegetables such as potatoes, okra, cassava, spinach, and many more. These spicy meals are households' dishes that also present in the restaurant's menu.


They have special meals for different occasions. The country celebrates the harvesting of sugarcane in August. During Christmas, they like preparing their Jug Jug and Ham dish and drink the famous Sorrel.  They also have food and um festival where highly experienced chefs prepare delicious food and drinks.


The country is the largest producer of sugar cane in the world, and they also produce rum from it. They have rum distilleries. Mount Gay Distilleries is one of the biggest rum producers, with its famous Mount Gay Rum. Other distilleries are West Indies Rum Distillery, St Nicholas Abbey, and Foursquare Rum Factory. These distilleries host rum tours that you should not miss out as a traveler who loves glamorous drinks. You can have a good day tasting different exotic beverages made of rum. Rum is available in bars, restaurants, and retail shops.

FAQs about hotels in Barbados

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Barbados hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Barbados?

The best rated hotels in Barbados are the All Seasons Resort - Europa, also the Butterfly Beach Hotel and the Starfish Discovery Bay Resort Barbados.

what are the top budget hotels in Barbados?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Barbados are the Melrose Beach Apartment.

what are the most luxury hotels in Barbados?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Barbados are the Saint Peter's Bay, also the Hilton Barbados Resort and the Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados.

what are the top airports to flight to in Barbados?

The most popular airport in Barbados is the Bridgetown, Barbados (BGI-Grantley Adams Intl.).

what cities are worth visiting in Barbados?

The most popular cities in Barbados are Holetown, also the Oistins and the St. Lawrence Gap.

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