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The Caribbean region has over thousands of islands and a total number of 25 countries, among them, 13 are sovereign, whereas 12 are constituent countries of various kingdoms. Located right above Venezuela, Aruba is also a constituent country of the Kingdom of Netherlands. Aruba might sound new to you, but it is a common name among experienced globetrotters.


This tiny Caribbean Island is mainly known for sensational white sand and blonde beaches, but you don’t have to underestimate its main cities. Cities of Oranjestad and Noord also possess the potential to offer a fabulous travel experience to you. This Dutch colony has a myriad of colonial buildings with colonial architecture.


Fortunately, among other Caribbean countries, Aruba is far away from the reach of hurricanes, and it has warm year-round weather. As long as it is a secluded country of the Caribbean, you can enjoy the best of its offerings. You may immerse yourself in outdoor activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, or you can dip into Aruba’s famous natural pool.


Aruba offers unique yet breathtaking scenery, and it also has fascinating natural rock formations carved by the wind. You may admire the massive lands of cactus and aloe-vera, join a wreck diving tour, savor the freshest seafood or visit the colonial galleries, museums, and fabulous shops. Moreover, you don’t have to miss the opportunity to witness their fantastic nightlife.


Top Destinations


Since Aruba is a tiny Caribbean Island with only 8 cities, it is not so difficult to choose the best destinations to visit. However, a tourist always wishes to have the majority of things in one city. Since beaches are in abundance, that’s not to worry. You can experience the best of this country by visiting only 2 amazing places known as Oranjestad and Noord.


  • Oranjestad


Oranjestad is the beautiful capital city of Aruba, and it has vivid buildings with colonial architecture along with clean streets. You will find a wide variety of entertainment options as well as cafes, restaurants, galleries, and museums. Strolling around the city, having a friendly atmosphere, and interacting with locals is quite a fun thing to do.


If you are planning a visit in June, September, or October, then Wilhelmina Park is a must-visit attraction for you with mesmerizing colorful plants. This capital city has a beautiful shopping mall with a wide range of branded shops, named Royal Plaza Mall.


  • Noord


Noord is the second most popular city in Aruba, with amazing attractions for tourists. Noord is also home to an array of white-sand beaches. If you wish to obtain a panoramic view of the western coast and beaches, then head onto the scenic trademark of Noord, known as California Lighthouse.


You will find a lot more fascinating tourist spots in this city. Butterfly Farm is one of the favorite places for children, families, and photographers. While you stroll through the tropical gardens, you can witness these amazing fluttering beauties. Covered with a unique texture and multi-color, these butterflies are mesmerizing.


You can also visit their amazing Philip’s Animal Garden, which is a sanctuary for more than 52 species of animals. Once you finish with these incredible creatures, you can visit a significant and sacred landmark of Aruba, known as Alto Vista Chapel.


Top Beaches


Aruba is amid incredible and uncountable white and blonde sandy beaches. Where many beaches offer a refreshing opportunity for swimming and other water-sports, you should avoid some of them because of their harsh and powerful waves.


There are beaches where you can lie down on warm sand and soak some sun, whereas some other beaches offer a fantastic sailing trip. One of the sensational beaches offers a Natural Pool, and it is a popular tourist spot of Aruba. Since beaches are abundant in Aruba, you can visit the 5 top-notch beaches listed below.



Top Airports


Aruba is a tiny island of the Caribbean region with a total of 8 cities. Not many tourists visit this country, nor do people travel for any business association here. Therefore, it is one of the least visited countries in the world. However, Aruba has only one international airport, and surprisingly, it ranks as the third-best international airport in the Caribbean region. The beautiful building of Beatrix International Airport in Oranjestad, along with facilities and guaranteed passenger services, makes it an incredible airport.


Luxury Hotels


This small island has a remarkable airport in the whole of the Caribbean region. Similarly, Aruba also takes pride in its 4- and 5-star up-scale luxury hotels, featuring deluxe hotel rooms with all incredible amenities.


Aruba has some jaw-dropping oceanfront resort-style luxury hotels with indoor and outdoor pools, spa, and massage amenities. Make sure you book these deluxe hotel rooms to experience Caribbean vibes to the best of your capacity.




Top Tours


This country has a myriad of dazzling beaches and a few fantastic tourist attractions. However, one of the most incredible offerings for its tourists and adventure lovers is the thrilling tours of waters and land. From land rover and horseback tours to snorkeling, Segway, and paddle boat tours, Aruba is a paradisiacal land of adventure.


  • Jolly Pirates Aruba


Jolly Pirates Aruba is the most popular tour of this country. It will sail around the island and take you to the best snorkeling spots. The best activity on this pirate boat is a rope swing and dive into the clear water of Aruba.


  • Horseback Rides


It is a fantastic tour of the rugged landscape that will take you through Arikok National Park. Though the trip will initially pass through a rugged landscape, you will end up viewing the scenic beauty of this tropical island.


  • Segway Tours


Segway Tours are the most exciting and fascinating way to explore the islands. Although it may take a little time and effort to balance and operate this machine, it’s worth it. There is no restriction of age for it, and anybody from an adult to children can try it.


  • Wreck Diving Trips


This unique trip is the most fascinating as you dive into a whole new world. Instructors lead this wreck diving trip, and they will take you through colorful reefs, and you will find shipwrecks, cargo ships, tugboats, and airplane’s fuselage. A wreck of German Freighter of the 2nd World War is a highlight of this trip.

FAQs about hotels in Aruba

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Aruba hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Aruba?

The best rated hotels in Aruba are the Eagle Aruba Resort & Casino, also the Brickell Bay Beach Club & Spa - Adults Only and the MVC Eagle Beach.

what are the most luxury hotels in Aruba?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Aruba are the The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba, also the Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino and the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino.

what are the top airports to flight to in Aruba?

The most popular airport in Aruba is the Oranjestad, Aruba (AUA-Queen Beatrix Intl.).

what cities are worth visiting in Aruba?

The most popular cities in Aruba are Noord, also the Oranjestad and the Paradera.

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