Forget the Keys, An Alternative Miami Road Trip

When you live in Miami, many might think you’ve already arrived. But there’s even more to discover in the area. A pleasing array of spots near Miami are perfect destinations for short road trips, and they go beyond the Keys. Try any of these top five weekend getaways for a perfect Miami road trip.

Miami Road Trip: Where to go and What to See


In less than five hours, you’ll arrive in Dunnellon for some unforgettable fun. Situated conveniently on the Withlacoochee River and the Rainbow River, this laid-back city has much to offer those who want to enjoy the great outdoors. Rainbow Springs State Park is a must-see spot to spend the entire day exploring gardens, hiking amidst waterfalls, and splashing around in the springs.

Sanibel Island

Located across the Florida peninsula on the Gulf Coast, Sanibel Island is just under three hours away by car. Even if you only have a day, Sanibel Island is worth the trip. Hang out on the beach, collect some shells, try some fishing, or play in the surf.

Everglades National Park

 In under an hour, you can arrive at Everglades National Park to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. This park has something for everyone, including opportunities for biking, hiking, canoeing and more.

St. Augustine 

St. Augustine sits north of Miami, and you’ll arrive there in less than five hours by car. Exploring St. Augustine is a must for any history lovers, as the city is the oldest settlement in America. Wandering up and down the cobblestone streets promises to transport you back in time.


Direct the car northwest, and you’ll be in Tampa in just over four hours. Once there, plan to spend some time exploring the Tampa Riverwalk. Situated conveniently, you’ll find many museums in the area, as well as boutiques and restaurants to visit. The Riverwalk is slightly over two miles long, and you can also rent bikes in the area.

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