Cancun Hotels and Attractions on a Budget

Cancun has become a famous tourist destination in Quintana Roo. With what the town has to offer such as white sandy beaches and Mayan archaeological sites, it is no wonder why people from all over the world flock over the city. It is also known for its unmatched nightlife but you can always keep tabs on your pocket money and still have fun with your Cancun vacation. All you need is a little planning and some tips.

Savings Tip: Planning ahead and booking your hotel reservation a few months before your trip might actually save you a lot of money.

Cancun Hotels to Stay At

Booking your hotel reservation early can actually save you a good amount of money.. For Cancun All Inclusive hotels are the most popular hotel accommodation. These hotels provide dinner, entertainment, and sometime alcohol for one low nightly rate. This convenience does come at a price but the convenience is well worth the trade off. Consider these hotels when planning your Cancun getaway: The Hyatt Ziva All Inclusive is one of the most popular all inclusive Cancun resorts. Offering eight on sight restaurants to choose from all included in your nightly rate! The Grand Oasis Palm offers a lower nightly rate and 16 on site restaurants. The Riu Palace is another popular hotel and offers 7 restaurants 5 bars and 3 pools. 

Cancun Attractions for any Budget

With all the temptations around Cancun, all it takes is losing your control for a moment and you will be maxed out. Here are few money-saving tips on how you can save while on your vacation;

  • Renting a car depends on your itinerary. If you want to explore most of the town’s waters, it will be of no use. You can rely on their buses and ferry boats to save bucks. But if you are planning for a side trip, a car can come in handy as there are some remote archaeological sites.
  • There are plenty of cheap restaurants in Cancun especially around Mercado 23 and El Poblano Street. You can have a taste of authentic Mexican and Caribbean cuisine for under $5. Don’t expect amazing food presentations and service deluxe, just good food and savings.
  • Swimming, clubbing and visiting the Mayan ruins are top three things to do in the city but if you want a cost-efficient options, you can go to Rancho Loma Bonita. You can go horseback riding here and swim in the breaks. Nature lovers can surely have a blast in eco-archaeological theme park, in Xcaret. Learn about the history of Mayans and learn about Cancun’s flora and fauna.
  • If your stomach can bear some kind of different action, bullfighting is also one of cheap activities that both local and tourists do not miss. Performances are conducted first prior to the actual fight between the bull and matador. 
  • Buying your souvenirs won’t be difficult as you can find great bargains at some of the most prominent malls in town. You can visit La Isla Shopping Village. This establishment is open-air and has many different shops and cheap eats. You should think twice about purchasing Mexican handicrafts as it tends to be more expensive in the city.

One important note about Mexican peso; Mexican government is quite strict about defacement of their bills so politely ask for a replacement if you will be given a torn one. Otherwise, it’s