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Christopher Columbus was the person who discovered this enchanting island. It is sufficient to say that the Dominican Republic is one of the beautiful islands of the Caribbean region. If you want to experience an incredible journey in the Caribbean region with complete Caribbean vibes, then the Dominican Republic should be your next destination.


The Dominican Republic is mostly famous for its dramatic beaches. Still, once you land in this country, you’ll get to know about their fascinating culture and lively people seeking any reason for parties, festivals, and carnivals. You will also find the vivacious nightlife in this country.


It has incredible historic cities with colonial architecture and trendy venues. This fascinating country also has a vibrant culture of exciting music and dance. It is also popular for its freshest seafood and delicious rum.


The Dominican Republic has the highest mountain named Isabel De Torres, and it offers incredible adventurous activities such as hiking, trekking, mountain biking, and zip-lining. On the other hand, its sparkling beaches provide fantastic opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, and you can also witness humpback whales diving in the sea.


Top Destinations


The Dominican Republic is one of the biggest islands of the Caribbean region, and it is brimming with dazzling beaches and a variety of attractions. Its bigger cities possess some stunning tourist attractions that exhibit their history and colonial architecture. From incredible waterfalls to spectacular museums and thrilling activity of kite-surfing, the Dominican Republic is a great tourist destination that is worthy of visiting for a delightful travel experience.


  • Santo Domingo


Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic, and it offers a blend of old and modern lifestyle. While the people of this city are innovative enough, the historic museums, monuments, and cathedrals at every other corner replenish its history. Since the town is lively, you will have an enjoyable experience strolling through this land.


You can start your travel journey by visiting the Parque Colon and Colonial Zone of this city. Parque Colon is a charming and lively square with a prominent statue of Christopher Columbus, where Colonial Zone is a UNESCO World’s Heritage Site for its historic buildings, museums, and eateries.


A few of the most visited tourist spots include the Museum of Royal Houses, Amber Museum, and ride into Chu Chu Colonial sightseeing trolley.


  • Puerto Plata


Puerto Plata is an Amber Coast of the Dominican Republic famous for enriching Amber deposits. It is a prime destination for beach lovers and water activities. You can dive into the water for snorkeling and scuba diving, or you can flow with the wind by kitesurfing. It also has the highest mountain of the Caribbean region known as Isabel De Torres, where you can hike and observe the scenic beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, and you can also watch an aerial view of the city by riding their cable car.


You can relax on a shimmering beach of Playa Dorada, or you can visit its beautiful Amber Museum, Ocean World Adventure Park, and 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua.


  • Punta Cana


Punta Cana is all about beaches, fun, and adventure. It is located in the easternmost part of the country, and it is famous for its 32 kilometers of beaches. You can experience all kinds of watersports at beaches like Bavaro Beach, Arena Gorda Beach, and Macao Beach. If the adventure-bug has bitten you hard, then head towards Scape Park at Cap Cana, or you can also go to Bavaro Adventure Park.


Busiest Airports


Tourism in the Dominican industry is increasing every year, and gladly, their international airports are located so strategically that you can land in or very close to your desired destinations. The country is now accommodating direct flights from both American and European countries. If you are traveling in the peak season of tourism, be sure that you bring along some patience to stand in long lines at the airport.

The Dominican Republic has a total of 7 international airports, and they are fully equipped to facilitate all passengers and their needs with duty-free shops, restaurants, hotels, and first-class lounges. Go through the following list of airports and choose whichever suits you the best.



Luxury Hotels


The Dominican Republic is a land of uncountable dramatic beaches and streets of colonial background and historic architecture. People traveling from all over the world to this country are fascinated by both attractions. Some prefer to stay in resort-style hotels to keep the Caribbean vibes alive while others prefer to stay in a luxury hotel within a city.


The Dominican Republic has a variety of options for both preferences, and it has built some incredible accommodations for its millions of annual tourists. Some of the fabulous hotels are listed below.




Top Events


Parties, carnivals, and festivals can be found in abundance in the Dominican Republic. While the majority of tourists visit this country to enjoy beaches and Caribbean vibes, so many of them visit for the sole reason of its vivacious carnivals. The country hosts carnivals and festivals all year round. Therefore, no matter which month you have chosen to travel, watch out for the nearest carnivals and dive into its fun.


February is the most preferred month to visit for the sole purpose of attending various carnivals. It is the most festive month of the Dominican Republic, and every Sunday afternoon of the month is a carnival day in major cities of Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, La Romana, and Santiago.


If you want to attend the biggest concert in the country, then visit in October and attend the Festival Presidente. This 3-day concert is continued all night long with an ocean of beers.


The month of November hosts one of the fascinating Colonial Fest in Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo. You can experience their cuisine on the streets and also admire their traditional artifacts.


Best Time to Travel


The Dominican Republic has no weather barriers for tourists, and you can visit this country at any time of the year. Although there are some extremes of warm weather and cold weather, it’s not too much to bear. The average temperature in the summer season ranges from 23 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees, whereas winter’s average temperature varies from 18 degrees to 29 degrees. The overall average temperature remains around 25 degrees.


In August and September, hurricanes are prevalent, so this wet season is not preferable. Dry seasons are the best season, and it runs from December to April. It is the perfect time for you to visit this fabulous country.

FAQs about hotels in Dominican Republic

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Dominican Republic hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Dominican Republic?

The best rated hotels in Dominican Republic are the Barefoot Beach Pad, also the Be Live Experience Hamaca Garden - All Inclusive and the W&P Santo Domingo.

what are the top budget hotels in Dominican Republic?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Dominican Republic are the Santo Cerro Natural park - Hostel.

what are the most luxury hotels in Dominican Republic?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Dominican Republic are the El Embajador, a Royal Hideaway Hotel, also the JW Marriott Hotel Santo Domingo and the Intercontinental Real Santo Domingo.

what are the top airports to flight to in Dominican Republic?

what cities are worth visiting in Dominican Republic?

The most popular cities in Dominican Republic are Punta Cana, also the Rio San Juan and the Santo Domingo.

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