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The British Virgin Islands

From scenic Caribbean beaches to exquisite food, the British Virgin Islands is the place to be. There are so many experiences you can get in BVI. Are you into water sports like kayaking, surfing, fly fishing, diving, etc.? Are you more land person looking to find spectacular views full of reviving nature? Or Are you more of a food person? No worries. The British Virgin Islands is the ultimate destination for everyone.


The Caribbean has its coordinates to the east of Puerto Rico, BVI boasts of fascinating reef-lined beaches.  The capital city, Road Town, is located on the largest island, Tortola. Road Town is a haven for yacht chartering and is a center of tourism. As legend has it, Tortola was a pirate destination, with treasures hidden in caves to the north of Tortola. Now you can see a variety of fish living in these coves. Besides Tortola, you can also enjoy the sandy beaches and oceans full of vibrant reefs in Anegada and Virgin Gorda, which are the second and third largest islands in BVI. You can check out the Anegada beach club for luxury, campout style accommodations. Altona, St. Thomas also has magnificent beaches!


You can kick back and enjoy the local fungi music while enjoying a fresh meal full of flavors from the sea. The islands to the North-west, like the Jost Van Dyke, are known as the party islands hosting many bars in the area. The tropical nights are cool and breezy, and a night out would be a fun thing to do.


The British Virgin Islands home a total of about 50 islands. Around 16 of the islands are inhabited. From natural beauty to partying, these islands give you a wide range of choices. The addicting tropical climate and the azure seas can keep you craving for more!


Top Hotels in the British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands has many luxury and private resorts that you can enjoy. You can bring some friends and rent a private island-like Guana Island. The restaurants offer you mouthwatering cuisine full of flavors from the ocean. You can get lobster, Fresh grilled fish, and even barbecues. You can pamper yourself with an onsite massage or get a spa at Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina, Autograph Collection. You can get additional benefits, such as renting a bicycle or child care services. These hotels have hair salons, spas, and onsite shopping that you can enjoy. Picture a lovely morning looking at the beautiful view of the ocean while you have your breakfast. 


If you are into surfing, you can stay at Sebastian's On The Beach, right on the Apple Bay Watch, which is a perfect beach for surfing. If you want to find pristine beaches full of colorful corals, book a room at the Gordian Terrace or Bitter End Yacht Club, which are closer to Virgin Gorda. If you enjoy watching a tropical sunset with your favorite drink in hand, you'll love a stay at Nail bay resort. With excellent service, beautiful Caribbean beaches, and tropical beauty, these hotels are the perfect island getaway that you are craving.


Top Airports in the British Virgin Islands


Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport is the main airport serving the British Virgin Islands. Apart from that, you can also go to the following airports.


Tortola, British Virgin Islands (EIS-Terrance B Lettsome Intl)
Anegada Island, British Virgin Islands (NGD-Auguste George)
North Sound, British Virgin Islands (NSX)
Road Town, British Virgin Islands (RAD-Road Town Seaplane Base)
St Thomas, US Virgin Islands (SPB-St Thomas Seaplane Base)
Christiansted, US Virgin Islands (SSB-St Croix Seaplane Base)
Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands (STT-Cyril E King)
Christiansted, US Virgin Islands (STX-Henry E Rohlsen)
West End, British Virgin Islands (TOV-West End Seaplane Base)
Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands (VIJ-Virgin Gorda)


Top Destinations


  • American Yacht Harbor, St Thomas – located in the Vessup Bay, East of St.Thomas. They offer many options like first-class amenities, professional staff, shopping, dining and entertainment options


  • Frederiksted Pier, Frederiksted, St Croix – A small Caribbean town has historic buildings and fantastic cuisine. It’s known as a gateway to culinary gateway to Caribbean cuisine, also a great spot to snorkel! If you want to find more historic architecture belonging to the Danish era, you can visit Christiansted, St. Croix.



  • Battery, Cruz Bay – The ruins of a Danish fortress still stands here and is known as the ‘Battery.’ You can take the ferry to arrive here.







  • Little Princess Estate – The original buildings with 1700 Danish architecture still holds the pride. The estate is a home with endemic plant species.


  • Cruzan Rum Factory – Take an inside look of a rum distillery in the only still distillery in the Virgin Islands. You even can learn how to create delicious cocktails here!


  • Magic Ice Gallery – MIG is a well known and most extensive ice gallery in the world.




The Culture of the British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. The people of the British Virgin Islands are mostly warm and friendly. The culture has been shaped by many influences all through history, including European, Arabian influencers. But, the culture influenced by the Africans who arrived as slaves.


The most common language spoken is English, sometimes with a Creole accent. However, in households and informal environments, people can be seen speaking Creole. Moreover, people also speak Spanish and French Creoles due to immigration from other Caribbean islands.


The main religion among these islanders is Christianity. There are Roman Catholic as well as some Protestant denominations. Rastafari is also a prominent religion in many Caribbean islands, including the Virgin Islands. Moreover, there is also a small number of Muslims as well as Jews.


If you go to the British Virgin Islands, you’ll notice the music. The local music is known as Fungi. The music reflects the African heritage and has hints of European and North American influence. You will see local performers performing on various homemade instruments, including Gourds, Washboards, and so on. Moreover, they also use modern musical instruments such as the keyboard and the guitar.


The most famous dance among the Virgin Islanders is known as the Quadrille, also performed in many other Caribbean islands. Dances like the Meringue and Salsa, Bachata, which has come to the islands from nearby Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.


The most famous sports among British Virgin Islanders are Cricket, American Football, Baseball, and Basketball. Football, Baseball, and Basketball are increasingly growing in popularity due to the exposure to American culture. In Cricket, British Virgin Island and US Virgin Island are both represented by the West Indies Cricket Team.



The Cuisine


Virgin Island has its taste buds picked from vast countries around the world, and for centuries, these dates back with time.


People from Africa included their food Okra, while the Europeans picked the Beef, Onion, Garlic, Mango, Sugar cane, breadfruit and Wheat, and so on. Americans packed their Beans, Corn, and Potatoes, etc. While the cultural staple, the Curry, was influenced by Indians the exotic tastes, many food items get imported. Local farmers grow their food and rear animals, while supermarkets mainly carry only imported food.


The staple food of Virgin Island is Fungi, which is Cornmeal, boiled, and cooked with Okra, consumed with boiled fish or salt fish. Moreover, Callaloo, which is a soup prepared by boiling the Callaloo leaf to a think consistency, and Roti stuffed with curried vegetables and meat, are famous food among Virgin islanders. Fish soup is also popular.


People in BVI consume fruits such as the Sugar apple, mango, papaya, soursop, genip, sea grapes, gooseberries, and tamarind. These are sometimes stewed and made into a sweet snack! Sometimes they are also rolled into delicious balls. Popular meals among Virgin Islanders include Pate, which is fried dough stuffed with beef, chicken, saltfish, conch, etc.


Rum is a favorite drink in the Virgin Islands. Rum distilled from sugarcane or molasses found throughout the Caribbean islands. Seamoss is also a popular drink, prepared by boiling seaweed until it dissolves and mixing with milk and spices. Bush tea, which is a tea made from any herbal leaf, is a popular hot drink. Other than that, Virgin Islanders also drink passion fruit juice, pumpkin punch, sorrel, soursop punch, banana punch, coconut water, peanut punch, and lemon tea.

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