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In Anguilla, tourism regulation is the primary source of revenue, while offshore banking is another source of income for the country. It should be noted that Anguilla doesn't levy corporate or income tax. Sometime in the late 1960s, a self-governing entity was created, and it encompasses both the island of St Kitts and Nevis to the south and Anguilla. But, in 1980, Anguilla broke away to stay on its own.


What makes beaches in Anguilla some of the best in the world is its powdery sand stretching miles, its pristine waters, and the welcoming arms of the Anguillans. You can sunbathe and swim all day on romantic beaches, like the Rendezvous Bay, while taking to all kinds of calypso music at night.


Compared to other locations, you may find Anguilla to be more authentic, depending on how well you explore. There are several cruise ships, casinos, 5-star hotels, coral-filled waters, beachfront villas, and lots more.


Top Destinations


Unassuming and alluring, Anguilla is a Caribbean gem. There are lots of beautiful beaches, which are the island's most significant points of attraction. Anguilla is mixed with lots of friendly locals and authentic islands.


Anyone can play on the offshore islands, swim in the water, take deep dives, and lots more. Other activities include dining in the island's most excellent restaurants and taking a quick visit to museums and galleries. You can also hop on small planes or ferries for a day trip to St. Bart's.


If you have an interest in history, move towards Anguilla's sleeping capital. During summer, Anguilla becomes alive with lots of festivals such as boat races, beauty pageants, dancing, and parades.


Below are the top locations in Anguilla.


  • Shoal Bay East


Shoal Bay East is quite broad, with a long sweep of beautiful white sands that are particular to just Anguilla. This premier strand in Anguilla, beyond a reasonable doubt, is one of the best beaches found in the Caribbean. It is ideal for snorkeling and swimming.


The waters in Anguilla are made of beautiful coral gardens that house lots of iridescent fishes. The sand in this location is clean and soft. Only a few restaurants and attractions like La Vue Boutique Inn are in this location. It should be noted that umbrellas, lounge chairs, and their likes are available for rent. This location, although it is beautiful, remains uncrowded and peaceful.


  • Cove Bay


This beach is one of the most popular of all the beaches in Anguilla. Cove Bay offers stunning and outstanding 1.5 kilometers of white sand beach with clear waters meant for swimming. The sand on this beach is soft and bright.


There are lots of luxury villas, and resorts such as The Royal Resorts and Patton Hospitality Management. You can also encounter outstanding restaurants just along the stretch. Blanchards remains one of the most famous in Anguilla with the best dining restaurants. If you are looking for a casual option, you can consider its next best available option, which is the Island Harbour.


  • Rendezvous Bay


Rendezvous Bay is a stunning four-kilometer powdery-like sand beach with a translucent sea, beautiful coconut palm, and luxury hotel brands such as Relais & Chateaux, Patton Hospitality Management & Divi Resorts, and Sonesta Hotel. It is shallow and calm with a peaceful stretchy coast for families and friends. Beyond reasonable doubts, shell collectors, sunbathers, swimmers are certainly going to be impressed with the serene view the location has to offer.


Top Airports


Over seven thousand islands make up the vast region that is the Caribbean, the best destination to have a memorable traveling experience. Anguilla is well known for spicy flavors, colorful towns, and sugar-sand beaches. Just in Anguilla, you will have more than enough on your to-do list. Don't be surprised when your travel plan note is getting exhausted as you can't have all of Anguilla to yourself on just a single holiday.


Anguilla is home to dozens of airports that you can fly directly to from any country in the world, some of the top airports in the country are set up for international travel, and some are primarily for island hopping. There are just two main airports, which are the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport and the Princess Juliana International Airport.


Luxury Hotels


Anguilla is a small island nation located in the Caribbean sea; it is one of the best destinations for lovers of luxury to spend their holiday soaking up in the sun and exploring different attractions.


To have the best holiday exploring the villages and traditional towns in Anguilla, you will need to lodge in one of the top hotels in Anguilla. These top hotels are pretty expensive, but they worth each penny of your money.


The top hotels in Anguilla, are quite numerous, but in this list, you will be getting just five out of the best hotels:



Budget Hotels


If you are planning to visit Anguilla for your next holiday or business trip, and are on a budget, opt for some of these hotels to save some extra cash, and use the money you save to create life long memories. Here are the budget hotels in Anguilla:




FAQs about hotels in Anguilla

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Anguilla hotels

what are the most luxury hotels in Anguilla?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Anguilla are the Carimar Beach Club, also the Anacaona Boutique Hotel and the La Vue Boutique Inn.

what are the top airports to flight to in Anguilla?

what cities are worth visiting in Anguilla?

The most popular cities in Anguilla are Rendezvous Bay, also the South Hill and the West End Village.

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