Close’s Success In Customer Service

The StandardRooted in client-oriented practices and consumer satisfaction, places a premium on customer service. Helping individuals reach their travel goals, aligns their interests with clients to help learn, understand, and support travel needs. At the forefront of their consumer operations lies human interaction. At, they strive to bring back the human element that business structures have otherwise foregone. As a result, their consumers feel heard and valued. offers 24/7 phone assistance, promising round the clock support to their valued clients. Best of all, consumers are paired with a live operator.

Equipped with a team of 350 customer service representatives, ensures that their employees are adequately trained. Committed to providing an elite level of customer service, goes to great lengths to exceed client requirements. It’s for this reason why happy customers tout as a leader in the online travel industry.

 For optimal convenience, offers three modes of communication: phone, email, or chat. Their Customer Service Center continually monitors all platforms to guarantee that clients receive prompt service. Above all else, maintains that their greatest asset is their customer, and they stop at nothing to uphold this message.

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