Close Provides Excellent Online Travel Experience

The travel industry has become highly competitive – just like many modern industries. Yet, is one of the fastest growing travel platforms.  Given their innovative approach to managing travel reservations, combining futuristic technology with a special human touch, they are likely to continue this upward trend. To understand the rise in their popularity, let’s dive into some industry facts.

How the travel industry evolved: 

So much has happened in the last three decades since the advent of the Internet. Travel bookings are now done completely differently to the way they were done years ago. This space is rather dynamic too: constant change means that those travel companies who are quick to adapt and who are the most innovative, have the best chance to thrive. The focus as far as the average consumer is concerned is now returning to the consumer experience. People familiar with the industry over the last five decades will be fully aware of how things were done then, compared to how it is done now. Previously the industry saw relatively small travel agencies who were mostly serving a small base of consumers and were providing them with very high-quality service in order to ensure consumer satisfaction. This was a rather fragmented model with no scale advantage. In this way, they not only retained existing customers but they also acquired many additional customers because of the favorable testimonies of existing customers. But this quickly changed as scaled solutions rolled out online.