CEO Spotlight: Inside Reservations.Com:

America’s Fastest Growing Travel Platform

Here is how one leadership team combined people, process and technology to redefine an entire industry

It seems that the leadership behind America’s fastest growing travel platform, used a winning formula that has led to solid growth. With highly engaged internet traffic statistics for the US market, any analyst can see that not only are they growing – they are also succeeding with customer retention.

A closer look at a string of recent achievements and an understanding of the concept underpinning this travel platform, shows that the results they have, are not by chance. Two distinct factors differentiats the company in a way that it did not have to carve out a special place in the Travel industry through price cuts. The founders combined two special elements that resonates well with all stakeholders: First they created a platform where customers keep returning for a special experience – then they focussed on creating a workplace where the team can love what they do.