12 Tips For Eliminating Software Waste At Your Company

Sometimes, businesses invest in new software because it sounds great on paper. Unfortunately, the technology they acquire ends up being underutilized or wholly ignored—becoming “software waste.” Tech budgets aren’t infinite, and the money spent on unused software could have been put toward other hardware or software that the company actually needed.

In addition to potentially wasting budget dollars, investing in technology simply because it’s new or trendy can introduce problems ranging from lack of compatibility to frustration among team members. Below, 12 members of Forbes Technology Council share their best tips for trimming the fat and avoiding software waste while keeping useful technology operating at full efficiency.

Automate Software Distribution

In addition to the noticeable financial impact, software waste can risk an organization’s health by increasing the likelihood of failures or attacks. It is essential to consistently keep the software resources in front of their intended users. Automating software distribution in terms of installations, upgrades and removal can dramatically improve utilization and reach. – Mahesh Chaddah,