Key West Hotels and Attractions Savings Guide

Known as Spring Break central, Key West was originally called Cayo Hueso or “Bone Island” by the Spanish settlers. Located on the Straits of Florida where the azure hues of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico meet, the island of Key West comprises a portion of Stock Island, Fleming Key, Sunset Key, and Sigsbee Park. Key West is also the continental U.S.A.’s southernmost point, and visitors can bask in a climate that is tropical in nature. Visitors from all over the world are drawn to its stunning beaches, upbeat events, and diverse cultures. Key West is a premier destination that offers priceless memories that can suit everyone’s budget and preferences, from student vacationers to jet-setting tycoons.

Savings Tip: Traveling to Key West does not need to put a dent in your pocket, just as long as you stay smart during your vacation. Getting to know the exact location of your destination and the things you want to do will give you the upper hand in catching the best deals. Also, setting the trip during the summer can help with your savings as this is typically the time when tourism slows down.

Key West Transportation Savings

Getting in and around Key West can be easy and affordable if you take the time to think about your transportation. Check for airline promotions or deals before your vacation, you may score discounts on airfare. Air Key West provides a charter airline that is affordable, dependable, and can work around your schedule. If flying is not for you, then how about traveling by sea? Sea Key West Express can take you to the Island while you gaze out into the rolling waves with a cold drink in hand. Boaters can navigate through the waterways and settle into one of the many full-service marinas that surround the island as long as a reservation was done. Driving is very scenic and cost-effective if you can find companions to share gas money with. There are plenty of mopeds, scooters, and bicycle rentals in Key West. These options are generally better than bringing a car because of the high parking fees. Tour trains, pedi-cabs, and trolleys are also very convenient. Nothing is cheaper and more scenic, of course, than strolling along the area on foot.

Key West Attraction Savings

Whether you are a sun lover hungry for beach time or an avid historian eager for tales from the past, Key West is sure to satisfy. There are also endless ways on how to stay within a budget during your vacation. All you need is knowledge about the island and the imagination to make this one unforgettable Key West Vacation. Many of the beaches in Key West require little to no spending and the famous resplendent sunset is for free. Most visitors and locals head to the Mallory Dock to gaze at the shimmering sun setting over the waters. The streets come alive when the sun goes down as bars, nightclubs, and cafes brim unto the outdoors. You can watch the street artists, musicians, and mimes. Affordable water activities can be found on the Bight and there are plenty of restaurants here that locals frequent. The historic district of this palm-lined island can be explored by those who want to view the conch mansions as well as the famous homes of Ernest Hemingway and John Audubon. The charming lighthouses and large replica of the Southernmost Buoy are popular tourist attractions.

Key West Hotels to Stay At

On your Key West getaway stay at the Casa Marina Beach and Resort, or the Marriott Key West Beachside, or the Pier house Resort. For more Key West hotels to fit any budget visit