15 Social Challenges AI Could Help Solve

The business applications of artificial intelligence (AI) have been all over the news. Industries from manufacturing to insurance are implementing ways to utilize artificial intelligence, sometimes alongside other emerging technology like machine learning.

In addition to businesses, AI can have a significant impact on real-world social challenges and the potential to bring valuable solutions to various societal issues. Fifteen members of Forbes Technology Councilweigh in on how innovative applications of AI can be used to combat some of the seemingly unsolvable social crises facing the world today.


In an era of shockingly realistic deepfake videos, sophisticated manipulation of the social/news ecosystem to influence elections and growing concerns about misinformation, the line between fake and fact continues to blur. AI advancements can help fact-checkers with pattern analysis, context clustering and social signal processing to restore trust, quality and transparency of information for all. – Mahesh Chaddah,