Orlando Hotels and Attractions on a Budget

The Ultimate Savings Guide for a Thrilling Ride in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida.  Two words uttered with hushed devotion or screamed after endless hours of asking, “Are we there yet, Mommy? Are we there yet?”.  No other place in the country is as synonymous to paradise in the eyes of a child.  Families from all over have been making the pilgrimage to Orlando every year with the hope of fulfilling childhood fantasies, and fulfill them they do.  Located in sunny Florida’s central region, Orlando is also called “The City Beautiful” for its magnanimous attractions and spectacular cityscapes.  A city symbolized by the fountain at pristine Lake Eola, the city is home to roughly 238,000 residents.  Originally named Jernigan, the city is purportedly named after a soldier who met his demise during an encounter with the Native American Indians. Orlando’s major economic strengths lies on entertainment, film, television, healthcare, technology, industry, and tourism.  With over 50 million tourists arriving each year, it’s not hard to see why Orlando is among the top destinations in the world.

Savings Tip: Getting the Go Orlando Card can definitely save you more money during your vacation.  This credit-sized card allows you to enjoy free admission to plenty of tours and attractions.  Booking accommodations earlier of staying at hotels near Disneyland are also big money-savers.

Navigating Orlando Hotels on a Budget

Orlando means theme parks and whole days of wonderful fun with enchanting characters and adrenaline-packed rides. Sadly, Orlando also means expensive thrills to some unprepared vacationers. A few tips will have you enjoying a more affordable vacation in Orlando anytime.

One of the best ways to save money during your trip to Orlando is knowing where to stay. Due to the high tourist visitation, accommodations in Orlando can be quite expensive. Booking your hotel earlier is the universal way to save money. The earlier you book, the more chances you have of getting discounts and upgrades. Additional services and complimentary amenities should be preferred when checking out hotels. There are hotels that offer “kids stay for free” or “kids eat for free” deals that can work best for families. Free breakfasts and shuttle transportation to theme parks can save you from expenses that can easily be double in price. If you have a large family or are traveling with plenty of friends, staying at a vacation home or a hotel suite may be cheaper in the long run than getting multiple rooms. Consider these Orlando Hotels when planning your getaway: Hyatt Regency OrlandoHilton OrlandoJW Marriott Orlando Grand Lakes, or find more Orlando Hotels on

Orlando Attractions

Deciding on which theme park to visit will also do wonders for your savings. Do some research on the internet before procuring tickets to find out which attraction is best for you and your family. Orlando had over 52 theme parks so you can have your pick of the lot. Discounted tickets can also be found online and are way much cheaper than buying them at the gate. Major theme parks such as SeaWorld, Walt Disney World, and Universal Studios offer daily pricing schemes that give you better rates the more time you spend inside their parks.