The Runaway Suitcase Presents: Santorini, a Grecian Utopia

Picture this: A Caldera in the middle of the sea, hundreds of white washed structures decorating the landscape, carved into seaside cliffs to overlook panoramic sunsets & beaches touching turquoise waters, harboring rich black and red sands. This place is real; this place is Santorini, a Grecian utopia.

Brimming with Grecian history, Santorini tourists and locals alike can feel the mythical atmosphere. Nearly 2 million visitors make their way to Santorini every year. Its incredible popularity has earned the island an iconic status throughout the years.

If you are looking for the most romantic and magical getaway Greece can offer, you’ve found it. wants to make sure you not only visit Santorini, but that you experience this magnificent island!

When to Visit

Crowds are thickest and prices are highest during the summer months. If you can plan a Santorini getaway in the fall months (Mid August through Mid November) you’ll find quieter streets and lower prices, and don’t worry, the weather will still be warm!

Where to Stay ranks the Canaves Oia Santorini, the Katikies Hotel, and the Mystique Luxury Collection Hotel as the Top 3 Hotels in Santorini to stay in. These resorts are no doubt on the more expensive side, but there are more reasonably priced hotels, resorts and bed & breakfasts in the southeastern towns like Perissa and Kamari.

 Where to Eat

Experienced vacationers and locals warn newcomers of the overpriced, subpar beachfront restaurants. For an authentic and quality Grecian meal, head inland to a local taverna or café. Make sure you try the famous local wines, the fava, tomato kefteds, hummus, olive oil and other Grecian dishes for a flavorful experience.

What to Do

Life is never dull in Santorini! Check out the hiking trails of the Caldera’s edge for picturesque views of the sea cliffs and turquoise waters! If hiking isn’t you speed there is always guided tours of local microbreweries and vineyards where you can see how traditional Grecian wine and beer is made, don’t forget to try some out too! Also check out archaeological digs and guided volcano crater tours. At the end of the day, be sure to catch a memorable and romantic Santorini sunset from the Akrotiri Lighthouse for the perfect ending to a perfect day!

What to Bring

Depending on the month you travel, pack accordingly. Check out Tips & Tricks: Packing like a Pro if you need some guidelines! You’ll also definitely want to pick up a Greek travel Dictionary. You won’t find very many English speakers in Santorini since Greek is the official language.
*Pro Tip:
Be mindful of your hand gestures, the signal for “OK” in English is actually very offensive in Greek. You’ll also need to remember to exchange currency as the Greeks use the Euro.
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