Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms That Travel

On Mother’s Day, show your appreciation for her years of love and support with the perfect gift.  If your mom is an avid traveler, you don’t have to go far to find the perfect Mother’s Day present. When looking for gift ideas for moms that travel, take advantage of these tips.  

Gift Ideas for Moms that Travel

Leather Weekender Bag – With stylish good looks, durability and usefulness, a leather weekender bag delivers the perfect blend of form and function for any traveler. To provide mom with optimal comfort and organization while traveling, look for a bag with a roomy interior, laptop sleeve, cushioned shoulder strap, and lots of pockets.

Travel Journal – If your mom likes to relive her travel experiences again and again, get her a travel journal. By jotting down important notes, daily thoughts and fun facts she learns along the way, mom can keep every trip fresh in her memory. For a journal that combines fun and function, look for one with a zippered cover, handy pockets and colorful travel-related stickers.

Noise-Canceling Headphones– Whether she enjoys listening to music while flying or just needs a little peace and quiet, noise-canceling headphones offer one of the best gifts for a traveler mom. For ultra-comfortable flights, look for products with exceptional sound quality, at least 20 hours of battery life and an awareness-monitoring button. This handy feature allows your mom to receive important travel-related announcements without having to remove her headphones.

Fitness Tracker – For health-conscious moms — whether at home or traveling the world — a fitness tracker makes a great gift idea. For benefits 24-7, look for products that tell time, store music, and track steps, mileage, heart rate, calories, duration of activity and sleep. Even more handy features to shop for include built-in workouts, 120 hours of battery life and a stylish band to fit your mom’s unique personality.

Universal Travel Adapter/Converter – When searching for gift ideas for moms that travel, turn to travel adaptors and converters. A universal product that tackles both functions allows your mom to use devices like a phone charger, electric toothbrush, flat-iron and hairdryer in just about any country across the globe. For ease and convenience, look for an adapter/converter that comes with a handy travel case.

Scratch-Off World Map – For a fun way to track her travels, gift your mom with a scratch-off world map featuring an upper layer of gold or silver foil and colorful countries of the world underneath. For easy exposure, look for products that include scratching utensils and a microfiber cloth for wiping away residue. provides all travelers with personalized experiential travel planning and redefines the booking and travel planning experience for today’s travelers.