11 Companies with the Best Work from Home Policies & Travel Benefits

Who doesn’t love perks?

Perks doled out by your company are even better. It shows a certain level of appreciation from the company’s management. One study found that 60% rate perks and benefits as a key component of a job offer. Even more surprising, 80% would choose increased perks over a pay raise.

We wanted to study two things: 1) what companies were offering the best travel benefits and 2) what were the work from home policies for these companies. Both travel benefits and work from home policies tend to be correlated, but not always. Some companies are more generous on one benefit over the other. Some companies offer their most technical staff the remote work policies, while others offer lower-paying customer service jobs from home – it all depends on the company.

But although these travel and work from home policies may sound luxurious, company benefits don’t have to be expensive. A report from HBR detailed that “after health insurance, employees place the highest value on benefits that are relatively low-cost to employers, such as flexible hours, more paid vacation time, and work-from-home options.”

We’re well aware the current coronavirus pandemic severely limits travel, which is why we’re seeking to celebrate those companies that have balanced both of these policies.

From to flexible remote work rules to vacations where the employer pays for the trip costs as well, we dive into the best company perks.

companies with best travel perks