Yatin Patel reveals why sincere customer service is so important

The co-founder of travel booking site, Yatin Patel, could be considered unique in the modern business world for his sincere dedication to providing excellent value and service to his customers. His travel booking website works to make the process of planning a holiday and booking accommodation as easy as possible all within one convenient framework.

Yatin was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions about

Why did you want to create

My partner and I started after our firsthand experiences with poor-quality hotel booking systems, which seemed to all function identically. The industry definitely felt stuck in a rut because nobody could be bothered to create something sleeker, and this is where we saw our opportunity to create

Basically, we witnessed a lack of humanity in the whole system, complete with laughable customer feedback systems that only existed to tick a box, rather than actually help customers. We thought, “we can do better than this”, and the rest is history.