‘Momcations,’ the solo mom travel trend that is pushing the industry for change

They say motherhood is a blessing, but sometimes mama needs a vacation.

This near universal desire for a break has contributed to a unique travel opportunity for mothers who a willing to go on a solo adventure. The phenomenon has been dubbed a “momcation” by industry experts and eager social media sharers.

On Instagram, the hashtag #momcation has been used over 49,500 times. Most of these images show smiling moms exploring the world and taking part of activities without husbands, partners or kids.

Yatin Patel, co-founder of concurred that mothers are opting for solo vacations “to get away from the stressors of everyday parenting.” He added that moms who travel on their own tend to have the opportunity to splurge on adventurous or exotic excursions that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy comfortably in a family setting, such as safaris and mountaineering.

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