Atlantic City Hotels and Attractions Savings Guide

The town on Absecon Island has long been a tourist magnet, bringing flocks of tourists just off the midpoint of the Jersey shoreline. Atlantic City sustains its glitz quality to this day, but there are parts of the colossal small town that remain affordable, if you know where to look and what to do. The board game monopoly has been patterned after the city’s landscape, inspiring spectators nothing but fun in every step. Travelers will find the first Ferris Wheel ever built here, and America’s first boardwalk in the shores of Absecon Island. Gambling is Atlantic City’s main industry, so be careful if you plan on spending money at the casino during your visit. There’s plenty of public transportation, and plunging rates for accommodations during off season. A well-planned itinerary can help your budget stretch a long way while you’re in New Jersey’s own less-glitzy Las Vegas.

Savings Tip: Atlantic City is known for its casinos. Don’t forget to pay a visit to at least a couple of these richly ornamented halls, but try not to bring as much cash when you pass by.

Atlantic City Hotels

Atlantic City has high accommodation rates, but if you book ahead online, there are many hotels that offer sweet package deals, with suites available for half the price. While planning your stay consider the Hard Rock Hotel AC, or Caesars Atlantic City, or the Borgata Hotel is also a great option. For more Atlantic City hotels to fit any budget visit

What to see in Atlantic City

The town has a world-renowned boardwalk perfect for seaside strolls, and these won’t lead you to the lures of grand hotels. Alongside here are 99-cent shops that might tickle your fancy. Sightseeing is free and you get to see a few charming Victorian buildings of old New Jersey, though many have been converted into fast-food joints. The Central Pier offers the amusement of fairs with old-fashioned games and rides. A block from the boardwalk stands the Absecon Lighthouse. For $7 you get to tour the building, which offers a terrific view 167 feet above ground. Atlantic City’s beach is surprisingly clean, family-filled, and free.