Miami Hotels and Attractions Savings Guide

Situated along the southeastern Florida’s Atlantic Coast, Miami skyrocketed to fame by being a prime beach destination.  Its rich mix of cultures has also given birth to a million ways to have fun in the city. Of course a popular travel destination also means prices will be higher for travelers, but there are plenty of Miami hotels and attractions that will fit any budget. 

Savings Tip: Miami is not just for the rich and famous. People on a budget can also experience the delights of Miami by planning their trip during the low season. Prices can go considerably lower during the slow season and crowds.

Miami is known for being the playground of the rich and famous but it can also be kind to the budget traveler.  Being a tourist hotspot has made Miami into a very open area where options for travelers are plenty. Traveling during the off season which is from June to October will definitely give you cheaper rates. 

Staying in accommodations a tad outside of South Beach is sure to give you more savings, especially if you have a car.  A short drive away will bring you to a number of cheaper hotels. 

Consider these hotels when planning your Miami vacation on a budget: The Fontainbleau Miami Beach offers style, comfort, and a convenient location. It is on the higher end of the budget but you can save on transportation.  The intercontinental Miami is located in the heart of Miami and has a low average nightly rate. The Eden Roc Miami is an all inclusive resort. With food, drinks, and amazing amenities included all you have to do is sit back and relax. For more Miami hotels to fit any budget visit

Miami Attractions on a Budget

Salsa into the night as the party spills unto the shores. Miami is renowned for its incomparable nightlife.  Exotic clubs and celebrity-filled bars have become the norm as people flock from all over to set the lively streets on fire.  Food is another adventure in this interesting place. The marriages between cuisines have resulted to exotic fusion cooking.  Whatever your fancy is, Miami will be sure to strike it.