London Hotels and Attractions Savings Guide

A phenomenal trip to London does not mean you have to break the bank.

Nestled along the famed River Thames, London remains the heart of England as it was for hundreds of years. Christened Londinium by the Romans, London has maintained its distinctive qualities while reinventing itself year after year. At its center is the City of London, whose birth hearkens back to the olden times and remains to this day a foundation of a nation. Rising from the ashes of the fires that engulfed it and from the many periods that have shaped it into what it is today, London shines brighter that it ever did. Considered today as one of the world’s leading financial centers, London is at the peak of everything – from fashion to healthcare and tourism to education. It is also known as the world’s cultural capital, as evident in the 300 spoken languages heard within the city alone. London is a city of full of destination and its allure only increases with time. Attractions line up along its winding streets and immersing yourself in its grandeur doesn’t take a lot of money, only good planning.

Savings Tip: You don’t need to be a member of the Royal Family to partake in the diverse offerings of this historic city. Tourists can avail of a London Pass that gives discounts to shops and restaurants all over this vibrant city. Complimentary entries to London’s finest attractions are also included.

The Wonderful Sights that should not be missed while Visiting London

Not surprisingly, London has plenty to offer when it comes to attractions and important destinations. All types of travelers from all points of the world are guaranteed to find places and activities here that are to their liking. London is the most visited city in Europe, with a total of international visitors coming at around 14 million annually. The city contains World Heritage sites that have been deemed culturally significant by UNESCO. Most of the wonderful sites around the city can be explored without adding to expenses.

Greenwich. Situated in the Royal Borough of England in the southern portion of London, this town is instrumental in maritime history. Along the 0 ̊ longitude lines, the town lent its name to the Greenwich Mean Time by way of the Greenwich Meridian. The Royal Palace in Placentia was also established as residence of the royal family by the Tudors. Perhaps the most important structure in the whole locale is the Royal Observatory where the Prime Meridian crosses. Visitors can explore the Greenwich Royal Park which is part of the vast hunting grounds of the Palace of Placentia. The Riverfront holds a tribute to the seafaring life with the preservation of the Cutty Sark ship on the dry dock. The Greenwich Rowing Regatta continues its races spanning hundreds of years. The Fan Museum in the town centre and the Greenwich Market are also noteworthy destinations.

Kew Gardens. A thriving 121 hectares of shining botanical glasshouses and manicured gardens, the Kew Gardens is the world’s biggest collection plants. Also called as the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew also contains a herbarium which is at par with the largest in the globe. Expanded and improved by the nation’s monarchs throughout the years, the Kew Gardens is now a collection of botanical structures, royal edifices, monuments, and gardens of all kinds. The famous residences that have been conserved are the Kew Palace, Queen Charlotte’s Cottage, and the Minka House. Experience a jaw-dropping view of the garden at the Treetop Walkway. Appetites worked up by exploring the sights can be soothed by a delicious meal at the Kew Orangery.

The area of the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey. These adjoining structures are among the most spectacular and prized landmarks in the country. The Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament holds the seats to both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Located on the River Thames’ northern bank, Westminster Palace was first constructed as a residence for the Kings of England. Westminster Abbey is a gothic structure of grand proportions located at the Palace of Westminster’s west side. The Coronation of Kings has been held in the Abbey since 1308 upon King Edward’s Chair. Several royal weddings have also taken place within its hallowed halls.

Tower of London. Situated along the northern bank of the River Thames, the Tower of London is another World Heritage Site landmark that has survived the trials of time. Built in 1066, the castle was a sign of conquest, power, and defense. With the addition of the White Tower, from which the present name is gleaned, the castle was first a home then a prison for the empire’s royalty. Through the years the castle has served as a royal residence, prison, menagerie, treasury, armory, and has housed the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. It has been painstakingly restored to its former grandeur and is now one of the leading tourist attractions in London.

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