Las Vegas Hotels and Attractions Savings Guide

Be fabulously entertained without busting the bank in extravagant Las Vegas.

There is no place that quite says live large like Las Vegas. Billed as “The Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas shines brighter with its neon lights and multimillion dollar attractions. Las Vegas is famous for its excellent gambling, exquisite dining, and first-class shopping. All year round, thousands of travelers are drawn to its games of luck and prediction. bars, nightclubs, and party arenas draw hundreds to its doors. Singers, dancers, and actors take center-stage and the encores keep on going. Sporting events and spectator shows roll out into the arena day in and day out. There is no place like Las Vegas, so make sure you are covered or take steps to live large while spending small.

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Avoid Overspending while Making the Most Out of Las Vegas

With eyes glowing from excitement and the beckoning light of casinos, tourists are often enticed into spending more while vacationing in Las Vegas. Admittedly, this city is an expensive place where money is spent faster than you can win it, if you can. Don’t let that dampen your spirits though, because there are always ways to be smart with your money while enjoying the sights and sounds of Las Vegas.

Schedule your trip:

Booking your flights earlier will also save money. Las Vegas is a tourist destination all year round but some days and seasons are busier than the others. Visiting during Labor Day, Spring Break, holidays, and the weekends are usually going to cost you more. If you plan a trip encompassing slower periods and weekdays, you have a better chance of saving on airfare. 

Explore for less. 

Transportation is also important in saving money. Getting from the airport to the hotel may be convenient to some through a taxi but going with the shuttle is more cost-effective. It’s better if you can find a hotel that offers complimentary shuttle services. If you need a car for some of your trips, plan them close together so you can rent a vehicle only on the days in which you require a car. A free tram circles through several areas of the boulevard, after that you can walk to the place where you need to go. Buses are also an inexpensive way of seeing the sights in Las Vegas. Advanced planning and picking a good hotel location helps you explore the attractions without spending much. Consider a stay at the Flamingo Hotel, or the Wynn Las Vegas, or the Golden Nugget. Find more Las Vegas Hotels on a budget on