4 Easy Steps to Create A Travel Journal

Travel exposes you to new cultures, unique experiences, and different perspectives. The more you travel, the more you get pushed out of your comfort zone. And the more you are pushed out of your comfort zone, the more you discover about yourself. Beautiful locales and unforgettable adventures will inspire you in many ways. You might have memories enough to fill hundreds of pages but to sum up all the epic moments you’ve had alone or with your friends, you need a travel journal.

It’s relatively easy to start a travel journal. All you have to do is pack a book and a pen. The hard part comes next. Sticking to it. Travel journals have a comparatively short lifespan as people sometimes forget to note down whatever they see and experience. Also, there are chances that you neglect them as it finds its permanent home buried at the bottom of your suitcase. Maintaining a travel journal is an easy job and it’s totally worth the effort. Want to know how? Here are a few easy tips to help you create and maintain a travel journal effectively. Take a look.

1.Record carefully

What you leave out is as important as what you put in a travel journal. You have to record the most mesmerizing moments and ventures and not anything and everything that you see and experience. If you start treating a travel journal like your personal diary, it might get tedious.

2. Use all your senses

You are free to record anything you see, hear, smell, touch or eat while traveling. Write about the chirp of the birds, the petrichor, the taste of the local cuisine, the warmth of the localities, and a touch of the fresh meadows. Anything that’ll remind you of a particular moment can go into your travel journal.

3. Collect mementos

Most of you throw away tickets and bills in the garbage. How about gluing them into the pages of your travel journal? Mementos could be anything. From a small sticker to a flight ticket or restaurant bill, you can stick anything in your journal.

4. Stick photos/add sketches

Do not forget to add some drama to your journal. Always make it colorful and entertaining enough for you and others. Click pictures of the locals, your friends, or unforgettable moments that you experienced, and stick it in your journal.

Keeping a handwritten travel journal is easy and fun! If you haven’t started already, at least give it a try. It will surely bring a smile on your face later in life. The best thing about memories is making them! So, do not forget to travel often. To make your holidays easy and memorable, visit

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