The R-Club Loyalty Program RClub is Making Travel Human Again is on a mission to bring the human-touch back into the travel planning and reservation process.  They have already turned this mission into reality by creating a customer service organization that offers 24 hour phone and chat support to complement their online search and reservation engine.  After processing over 1,000,000 hotel reservations with the assistance of a human being, they are doubling down on this mission with the launch of a new and unique loyalty program called the R-Club.

The R-Club loyalty program by pairs members with a dedicated one-on-one hospitality professional known as a Travel Advisor.  Travel Advisors provide consultation and recommendations on where and when to travel as well as selection of specific hotel properties to meet your budget and travel needs.   The service also provides suggestions about what to pack, where to dine, what activities and attractions to check out, and how to get around in your selected destination. 

Members can email, call, or text their Travel Advisor directly.   You also have access to a personalized online dashboard to exchange travel wish lists and make requests.  The program integrates the website research and confirmed trips into your R-Club Member Dashboard.  This enables your Travel Advisor to act as a digital concierge and handle special requests and logistics for an upcoming trip — even if you prefer to handle the hotel research and reservation process yourself.  

In addition to a Travel Advisor, the program also provides access to member-only pricing and coupons. The company is also exploring a member-only discounting program for advanced planners.  “The end goal of the R-Club is to evolve our already successful human-based reservation assistance into a bona-fide technology-enabled travel agency.”  said Russell Garter, Vice President of Customer Loyalty. “While we are happy and capable of handling last minute and short stays, we believe that our program shines most for customers that want to collaborate and plan robust and thoughtful itineraries where they can really dive into a destination.  So, we want to reward that type of traveler”

Signing up is easy, and one of the best parts of the program!   You are eligible to join the R-Club after making just one reservation So, whether it’s your first or 20th stay as a loyalty member, you’ll have access to these unique Travel Advisor services.  See you next trip. on Google News