New tech trends disrupting travel, finance and other industries – fastest-growing travel platform, driven by a renowned leadership team

Publicly available traffic statistics show that is growing rapidly. A closer look will explain why: The CEO and co-founder, Yatin Patel, is a well-known tech entrepreneur with intense knowledge of the travel market. He was recently recognized at the 2019 Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business awards.

Most travel platforms are big on price cuts but not great at delivering a special experience. However, the modern consumer is already used for online travel bookings and do not have the time to physically visit a travel agent to book a special experience. now offers that special experience online. It has points of parity with the biggest travel platforms – but also with conventional agents who can tailor the experience.

Therefore, it succeeded in creating a new segment of users who are highly loyal and in search of something special. They take both satisfied and dissatisfied customers away from other travel platforms and retain them successfully with the R Club loyalty program.

How did they sustain it in such a competitive market?

Their secret was not to roll out new technology and to get rid of people: They deployed highly trained travel specialists alongside the latest technology. In fact, they were received a “best place to work” award in Florida, which explains why customers encounter such helpful and motivated travel advisors. It goes a step further: they know how to keep hotel owners happy and are seen to be different as other online travel platforms. This is because they focus on selling special inventory for a great experience, as opposed to aggressive price cuts.

With a low market penetration, growing inventory and further investment in people, process, and technology, this is one of the most notable companies to watch in the travel industry.