Virgo Travel Horoscope

Provided By: Pamela Mcdonough

September Travel Horoscope

September Travel horoscope

The mile high city has so much to offer earthly Virgos! You will have so much energy around your birthday for all of the outdoor activities that are close to nature that you love.  Denver really does have it all; the arts, music at the Fillmore, hiking or mountain biking in the nearby Red Rocks Park and amphitheatre or visiting the American Mountaineering Museum. You may never want to leave! After the full Moon on September 14, you may want to connect to the spiritual elements within nature that surrounds the city of Denver. The Ute Mountain Tribal park will give you a deep connection to the Land of the Sun. Nearby, the cliffs of Mesa Verde offer glimpses into an ancient culture that lived within the mountains. The cliff dwellings that are set into the mountainside are some of the best preserved in America. Watching the full Moon set with the backdrop of the mountains will be a spectacular part of your journey to Denver.

August Travel Horoscope

August Travel horoscope

If your birthday falls in the last week of August, Happy Birthday Virgo! Since your planetary ruler Mercury finally went direct on July 31, you will want to be on the move, too. This could be the perfect year to celebrate your special day in Puno, Peru, along the ancient shores of Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is in the Andes between the countries of Bolivia and Peru and it is the largest freshwater lake in South America. Lake Titicaca is home to many of Peru’s ancient civilizations including the well-known Incas. Earthly Virgos will love exploring the vast ruins from the Incas found on the lake, including a mysterious underwater temple that could be between 1,000 and 1,500 years old! Take a short boat ride out to the Uros Floating Islands or visit some of the four-legged locals at a llama farm. There is so much to see and experience in Puno, your trip will create birthday memories for years to come!

July Travel Horoscope

"A Romantic Getaway to the Beach"

Virgo Travel Destinations

Your Sun’s ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde on July 8. Consider getting your July vacation plans in place before then! If you think you might be planning your next vacation after July 8, you can employ this Mercury retrograde period through the end of July to contemplate where and when you might go next. Earthly Virgo’s will love to bask in the warmth of the sun the first few weeks of the month. But you may be drawn more to the cooling ocean waters or possibly kayaking in an alpine mountain July 15th – 30th. The calming waters of the sea, rivers, or lakes will be tempting you the last few weeks of the month. The final week of July is especially good for a romantic getaway to the beach.

June Travel Horoscope

June Horoscope Calgary

Your perfect earth-bound escape in June could begin with the exploration of Heritage park in Calgary, Canada. Analytical and land-loving Virgos can explore the history of the area in the 127 acre living museum that is Heritage Park. Or you could take in the beautiful blooming Beaulieu gardens of the Lougheed House close to Downtown Calgary. Even though you are an earth based sign, the last three weeks of June you will be drawn to the water! Don’t miss the chance to walk the Bow River Pathway and cross the footbridge to the stunning Prince’s island park or take the path over the famous Peace Bridge to get your fill of the beautiful waterways around Calgary.

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