Gemini Travel Horoscope

Provided By: Pamela Mcdonough

September Travel Horoscope

Athens Greece

September is the perfect month for exploring the many archeological sites within Athens; the Acropolis, Temple of Hephaestus, the Theatre of Dionysus, or Hadrian’s Arch will give you a window into ancient Greece when arts and philosophy thrived. If you happen to be there the first week of September, you could experience a powerful energetic connection to any one of these ancient sites. Airy Gemini’s will love the many rooftop bars and restaurants, and some even offer a view of the Acropolis from delightful open-air terraces. The cuisine experience will be especially important for you in September, especially after the full Moon on September 14, through the end of the month. The food in Athens will be a delight to all of your senses!

August Travel Horoscope

August Travel Horoscope

Airy Gemini, in August you will want to be on the move more than usual! Your planetary ruler Mercury will finally be direct on July 31, and on-the-go will be your motto during your August getaway, with the wind in your hair and warm Sun on your face! Anaheim, California would be ideal. A day trip to Disneyland and then off to the beach for some wind-surfing! There are a number of beaches within a 30 minute drive from Anaheim. Manhattan Beach is one of them, and the Manhattan Beach Pier is one of the most widely photographed images in the area. The beach is two miles long and has a picturesque sandy, flat beach that is excellent for sunbathing. The city of Manhattan Beach is home to the Farmers Market every Tuesday and has tons of great restaurants to choose from. Socially oriented Gemini, there are so many opportunities for selfies and photos, you will want to spend your entire vacation exploring the area!

July Travel Horoscope

"Warm And Vibrant Locations"

Gemini Travel horoscope

Consider putting your July vacation plans in place before July 8 when Mercury, ruler of Gemini, goes retrograde! The first half of the month will be super supportive for travel to a warm and vibrant location, think Las Vegas or possibly New York City. The theatre and arts in the big apple will be a big pull for you from the 1st through the 15th. The last two weeks of July will be perfect for a trip to the beach; Nantucket, Massachusetts, or maybe further afield to one of the many beautiful destinations in Mexico. The last week of July will be especially supportive for a romantic getaway near ocean beaches. If your planning after July 8, you can utilize this Mercury retrograde period through the end of July to review your options around timing and location.

June Travel Horoscope

Gemini: Curious Gemini, if you have not yet been to Austin you are missing the boat! June is a wonderful time of the year to take in the sights of Austin. Maybe on or around your birthday? Socially inclined Gemini’s may want to get a group of friends together to celebrate, or you and your partner can soak up some sun and fun, which is your specialty, Gemini! You are usually the life of the party, and this month will be no exception. The variety of things to experience in Austin will appeal to your changeable nature; nightlife, cuisine, live music, or float down the river. Being on or around water for your vacation will be particularly enjoyable for Gemini’s in June. June 15-20 be sure to take some time to slow way down, whether you are on vacation or not!

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