Best Road Trip Circuits Around The US


The thrill of having the wind whip through your hair, as you zoom down the road is the best feeling that a road trip offers you. It’s an experience that one shouldn’t miss out on. You should visit some of the spots that we’ve listed below if you plan on road-trailing around the U.S.A. It’s the perfect itinerary for an All-American experience!

Black Hills of South Dakota

Get onto the I-90 and head down route 131. Soon, you’ll hit the Byway. The best spot worth visiting on the circuit is the famous Mount Rushmore. Now, who doesn’t know of this place! It’s been memorialized in several Hollywood movies and is truly a place that you must visit in your lifetime. Oh, and a tip for the journey – keep your eyes open for roadkill. There’s plenty of them on the road. So, just navigate your way around them and you’ll have a smooth experience.

Downeast Maine

From the Black Hills of Dakota, head on to Coastal Route 1, which Mainer’s have nicknamed “the Lobster Trail”. The restaurant Bob’s Clam Hut is a hit with backpackers and Downeast Mainers swear by the seafood served here. Refuel your energy with a delectable meal and get ready to hit the road again. You can visit the quaint villages of Rockland and Belfast which are popular fishing zones. Pop a beer as you watch the trawlers head out to sea.

Blue Ridge Parkway

It’s not as majestic as Yellowstone, but it comes close. Blue Ridge Parkway is home to two national Parks – the Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah. This is definitely a treat for those who would like to answer the call of the wild. Make sure you’ve tagged your camera along for this trip because you’ll be witnessing Mother Nature in all its beauty at these two places. If you’re really lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife here. But don’t count on it as the animals around the region tend to shy away from humans.

Pacific Coast Highway

Woah! Now, this is a road that riders would absolutely love! The Pacific Coast Highway is the longest stretch of road along the Pacific coastline. It covers a breath-taking distance of 653 miles. One of the most iconic structures that you’ll come across on this path is the Golden Gate Bridge. The Bridge is an engineering marvel, and if you can manage to park your bike at a spot and get a cliff-view of this structure then you’ll be in for a treat. Time your journey so that you can catch the sunset as it dips below the bridge.

It’s the perfect itinerary for your ‘All-American’ experience. It’s got the best of what America has to offer. Stunning national parks, majestic bridges, and delicious food. Who could ask for more? So, what are you waiting for? Map out a plan with your friends and get ready to hit the road!

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