Honolulu Hotels and Attractions Savings Guide

Honolulu is the lively epicenter of tropical Hawaii and is the home of the state’s capitol. It is the largest city in the state and has a population of almost a million residents. Within its boundaries, tourists can enjoy a lot of sights including historical landmarks, world-class shopping and a remarkable cultural and art scene. It is also the home of the famous Makapuu Point, Pearl Harbor and Waikiki where pristine beaches are located and tons of lavish resorts.

Though the city is flocked by tourists because of Waikiki beach, it has many other local attractions that can be enjoyed without spending a lot of cash or without spending anything at all. Some of these include visiting the Mission Houses, Iolani Palace, Bishop Museum and the Kawaiahao Church. There are also dozens of galleries, nightclubs, festivals, restaurants and underground bars that line Chinatown which are all worth visiting.  

City Highlight: The ideal geography, very moderate climate and tons of attractions are the main reasons why it has become an ideal destination for different kinds of tourists, even those who come with small budgets.

Honolulu hotels to stay at

There several hotels, resorts, hostel and other forms of accommodations settled within Honolulu. The Sheraton Waikiki is only a nine-minute walk to the beautiful Waikiki beach. The hotel is also kid-friendly with 2 pools and a water slide. Relax at the spa and unwind to the max on your Hawaiian vacation then enjoy dinner at the 5-star restaurant. The Ala Moana hotel wont put you beach side but it is close to the convention center and the price is perfect for budget travelers. The Hilton Waikiki offers a lower nightly rate than the Sheraton and still offers close proximity to the beach and comfortable accommodation. The Outrigger Waikiki has pristine views of the beach and Diamond head and it comes at a reasonable rate. What more could you ask for? For more Honolulu hotels to fit any budget visit

Honolulu Tips

A relaxing vacation in one of the most sought-after cities in the United States can be done without spending a lot. All that needs to be done is to know some money-saving tips that will assure a great vacation and a comfortable stay.

  • There are several ways on how to explore the city. Many transport services are available like taxis and buses. Taxis are quite expensive so taking bus rides or renting a car can be a good idea. If renting, it is important to know some native words to understand some basic terms when it comes to asking for directions. “Mauka” and “makai are two native words that can come in handy which means, “toward the mountain” and “toward the sea”.
  • Most hotels are in Waikiki offer huge discounts when booked in advance.
  • Many famous attractions like museums, galleries, historical monuments and the beach can be enjoyed for free. Since there are many of these attractions in the city, it is always best to plan out where and when to visit to enjoy a hassle-free time and avoid added costs in terms of transportation and meals.