Flagstaff Hotels and Attractions Savings Guide

Flagstaff is well-known for its varied terrain and challenging mountain ranges that are famous among backpackers, climbers, outdoor enthusiasts, elite runners and mountain bikers. Due to its proximity to the majestic Grand Canyon, Flagstaff has been a popular tourist destination frequented by international visitors from around the world. 

City highlight: Flagstaff has a dry climate; the combination of low humidity and high altitude provide the city with a mild weather condition all throughout the year.

Flagstaff Hotels to Stay at

Tourists who wish to have a memorable vacation getaway in Flagstaff will never have a difficult time finding a good place to stay for the entire duration of their travel. This is because the city offers a wide array of accommodations that will fit the needs and budget of all kinds of travelers.

For frugal travelers who wish to save as much money as possible, there are ways to cut down your accommodation expenses. First, you have to consider the location of the hotel you wish to stay. Remember that the hotel’s location will greatly affect the room rates. When planning your Flagstaff vacation consider a stay at the Little America Flagstaff hotel is a perfect budget accommodation and is perfect for travelers wishing to hit the slopes during the winter, the Drury Inn Flagstaff is also a great budget friendly option, or the Embassy Suites Flagstaff.

Things to do in Flagstaff

The city has a predominant cultural scene, and festivities abound during the summer months. Free concerts are also held in the entire city, which visitors are sure to enjoy. Visit the Orpehum Theatre and get your dose of free entertainment while listening to the soothing music played by some popular bands. For those who want to end the day with a good movie, head to the Heritage Square in downtown Flagstaff and watch a free featured film.


There are plenty of things to do and places to see in Flagstaff that does not require you to ruin your travel budget. During the day, admission to Wupatki National monument will cost visitors a minimal fee (around 5 dollars), but if you decide to visit the place by night, admission fee is waived starting 6 pm. At the Wupatki National Monument, guests will have the opportunity to watch the most spectacular sunset view in the city. Every first Friday, visitors can get free food and drinks in the area. Wupatki National Monument is the largest archeological site preserving the pueblos or houses of ancient people. The monument has several well-preserved ruins and guests are allowed to walk upon them. It is also home to the largest Indian ruins, the Indian el Pueblo. 


Art lovers, meanwhile, must not pass up the opportunity to visit the Meteor Crater Museum.  It features interesting exhibits about meteors and simulations that leave audience in awe. The site is considered as the world’s best preserved meteor impact site.  


For some bumpy road trip adventure, driving along the Schultz Pass Road Scenic Drive is a must.  While traversing this road, visitors will have the chance to see the breath-taking scenery of Flagstaff. Tourists are advised, however, to make sure that their vehicle is in top condition since they will be driving along rough roads.


For that great outdoor adventure, head to the Arizona Trail and be amazed by the fabulous view of the Walnut Canyon and an abundance of amazing wildlife on site. 


Nature lovers, on the other hand, should take time to drop by the Arboretum, which holds one of the nation’s largest collections of high country wildflowers. Guided tours are also offered here and guests can also see a beautiful exhibition of birds of prey. The nominal admission fee is surely worth all the fun and unique experience that you will get to enjoy during your visit.