Boston Hotels and Attractions Savings Guide

Your trip to metropolitan Boston can be inexpensive

A trip to Boston should be very easy to plan. After all, the Amtrak line that connects it with New Yorik, Washington DC, and Philadelphia is the best regional train in the country. Meanwhile the affable service of Downeaster affords tourists of a scenic route that links the city to Maine. In Boston, buses are plentiful, and the city is an easy state to tour if your budget is all set on cheap public transportation. Tangled roads clustered around the common square are a delight to explore on foot, as Boston is enjoyable walkable in scale. Massachusetts’ pride has been reinvented as the ‘Big Dig’, giving off a rejuvenated feel. The recent renovations in town gave Boston a beautification of the HarborWalk, the revitalization of the central Rose Kennedy Greenway, and an elegant skyline-soaring Zakim Bridge. Boston’ palpable history, eminent architecture, imaginative museums, and busy street life make it a New England destination that’s certainly hard to miss.
Boston’s liberal tradition remains very much alive, and the Harvard University’s spawning presence remains hard to miss. As the center of transportation networks in New England, Boston provides many visitors with their first sights of the United States, while the extensive and cheap rail and bus services make the city an obvious starting point.

Savings Tip: Get advice and free maps from the Visitors Information Center, located near Park Street. There are information centers and kiosks scattered everywhere. Use the Boston by Phone service which allows you to connect with hotels and services. Planning ahead will save you time and give you lots of discounts.

Unlike other megacities in the nation, Boston has a fair share of good-quality, inexpensive accommodations. However, bargain rates are those considered below $200 per night, which can be steep for some. Visit the town during its off season. Reserve a stay at the Sheraton Boston, or the Yotel Boston, or the Hyatt Regency Boston. For more Boston hotels on a budget visit

Exploring Boston’s Cheap Side

Boston has long been a tourist destination even before the arrival of cars. The pleasure of visiting Boston was derived from walking around town. Cycling is also conveniently affordable, as there are several bike trails around town. Follow the Freedom Trail to know Boston on foot. There are free, ranger-led tours centering on several hot spots. For $29, you get to explore the city through the narrated trips of the Boston Duck Tour, Guests are entertained by sea aboard a World War II amphibious vehicle. A good starting point for a tour of the city is around the Boston Common. Sights include the Emerald Necklace, America’s foremost chain of nine parks. The city’s iconic swan boats can be seen across Charles Street. If you’re short on cash, head to the USS Constitution Museum, which offers free entrances daily. The establishment houses hands-on sailorly exhibits. You can also visit the Bunker Hill Monument, Custom House Tower, and the Institute of Contemporary Art for free.